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World Lion Day

"Saving the King of Beasts to Save Ourselves"
Started in 2013, August 10th is celebrated as the world's Lion dayto raise much needed conservation awareness for the 'Vulnerable' African lion and 'Endangered' Asiatic lion.
Dedicating this post to Cecil, 13 year old male lion from Zimbabwe, which was a major attraction at Hwange National Park and unfortunately been recently killed by a hunter. RiP 'The King' of wildlife.
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, East Africa

That Summery Feeling

The hardest truth you hear when in Norway is - there are very few summer days you can count on in this country the whole year. Read it as - there is no REAL summer. I almost forgot the fact that summer is supposed to be hot.. really hot like back in India or Texas - the places I lived previously. While the whole world is facing the global warming this year, we are having the cold, windy and rainy summer. 

Weather is the only thing you talk about in your first year in Norway. The next year? Well.. you are already used to it and start loving the place! :)

So, we, living in Norway, pretend the summer to be hot and buy summer clothes only to wear them for pictures and then wrap up ourselves in warm jackets. The only time you realize the summer is seeing the greenery, and colorful clothes flowers around. I think I am one of those few people who like to wear colors to match the flowers and the super market walls.

I know too many pictures. But one last one because that's my favorite :=))


A room without books is like a body without soul.

"It's not about the destination. It's about the journey to get there."

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A run around Mosva(t)net lake: Stavanger, Norway

Lately I have been on a "workout" spree. Read 'lately' as 2 months. Long time! I am walking, biking, dancing, hiking, running in the woods, volleyball and what not! Sometimes I also go weird about the stairs exercise at home and work. It's all fun except one thing. Running! I only considered running as a punishment that I always received back in school for some bullshit reasons. But doing it now.. I have to. I have set some harsh goals for myself this year! 

As this has been not-my-most-favorite activity, I need something to divert my mind while I run. Like the people or music or the place itself! The place I live in Norway - Stavanger, is a place of fjords, water flows and lakes (not many as in Finland though). You can basically see water in most of the area I live in and fortunately, I have 4 lakes just few steps away from my house. 

I have chosen one of these lakes called Mosva(t)net for a quick run last weekend. It is pronounced as Mosvanet with 't' in …

Globetrotter - my travel map

So the travel bug has finally bitten me. When I see myself a couple of years ago, I considered travel only for vacation like time off to relax, to spend with family or weekending away with a bunch of friends. Wherever I was travelling, I needed people to make those moments. It was never about the place to be visited but the journey with the loved ones which is perfect.

Recently I turned to be a travel person - the one who wants to visit every new place, learn about it, know people, understand culture and explore. I wish to spend as much time as possible travelling. And its a more perfect journey. Of course, nothing can beat spending with family and friends in such tours! 

The last one year has been amazing for me in regards to traveling. Visited many nice places and countries - one of the advantages of living in Europe. You take a one hour flight and bam.. you are in a different country! That's one of the reasons I LOVE Europe! Also this time, I had a travel goal for my next birthda…

Summer graze in Randøy: Rogaland, Norway

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Home is where the heart is

Looking out of my kitchen window, I found this heart with background of a house on a lovely rainy day so apt to the title of this post. I miss home!

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New year. And finally a new post!

I entered into the new year very abruptly. I was busy travelling to Netherlands and Belgium for Christmas to spend an awesome time with my cousins. By the time I realised and out of the bright lights and food (this includes hell lot of chocolates, cakes and cookies) mood of christmas, it was new year already. So I didn't make any special plans for new year's eve and decided to spend some good time (which includes food again) with friends just like a random weekend. Both the occasions were so fun and I already learnt my first few lessons of this new year even before I made any resolutions. Never ever mix your drinks! Big big mistake! And I don't want to talk about the other lessons :P

Last year had been very special to me. It was nothing about any resolutions or goals. I just took it as it came my way. Travelled to several places, made good friends, tried a lot of things that I never did before. And at the same time, slowly moving towards my goals and also becoming a better …