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Trying 2 b bak..

hi frens.. hw r u al?? hope evrything is gng gud wit u guys.. health wise n wealth wise.. but i m nt well :( yeah i fell sick aftr cmng frm the US.. just recovered frm cold, throat infection n fever.. well i cud get out off the jet lag easily.. but bcame vry weak coz of this sickness.. anyways aprt frm tht.. life is as usual confusing.. trying 2 undrstand whts hpning wit me.. missing my frens alot at the US.. we fantastic 5 had a gr8 tym 2gethr.. missing evrything nw.. :( wanna go bak.. gng 2 office frm last week.. its vry boring.. most of the things r changed in off.. every 1 is new nw.. n forgot 2 tel u guys.. as my wish got my DSLR finally.. its canon 1000D.. need to chk it out mor.. nt getting tym.. wil post its piks soon.. nnn.. summer i think is ending.. so i m able 2 sustain the weathr here.. hope i wil nt suffer any mor diseases.. u guys also take care of urselves.. sry if i cud nt post comments on ur blogs.. but wil try to do whn i m completely well.. take care.. tata..

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Long Time.. No See..!! :(

Its been a long time i came here.. was not so seriously buzy.. but yes kind of.. was buzy in spending time wit frens.. i loved to spend so much time with frens.. had a gr8 time wit my buddies.. was never bored at all :).. i had so many things to blog but dint get time.. nevertheless i m trying to do it nw.. the last time i visited blogs n it crashed my computer with virus.. so after then dint dare to spend time on this.. but i wanna be bak.. wanna read n write blogs.. wanna share so many things with u guys.. about the most happenings of my life.. :) my US trip finally ended.. n i m bak nw just 2day.. so feeling tired n hope 2 b ON here frm tmrw.. til then take care.. :)