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Vacation Blues

So, I just had a month-long mixed-events vacation in India. Events being - birth in the family, death in dad's family, wedding of a friend and split of another. After attending all these, I am back to reality of my life in Norway after 24hours of travel and transits. It feels stupid to travel such long time to Europe because I couldn't get a better flight in my budget. On top of that, they advanced my flight. So imagine how much fun I must have had passing transit time of over 10hours.

Taking a whole month vacation, coming back and getting settled to work is certainly not new to me. Inspite of doing it for more than 3years now, this time its kind of more home sickness that made me feel different. And then my mom cries every time I call her [moms you know!].

To get off all these emotions of the mind, I slept like a log after reaching home.. expecting to be fresh for the next day to work which turned to be little odd to me after the following sequence of incidents.

1. I woke up to …