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Indianizing Christmas Day outfit :)

Remember the blog post I wrote last year Indianizing St. Patricks Day outfit
You don't, do you?
Then sprint over to that post first.

Ok, now that I have your attention.. 

Please note that I am back to blogging.. as always. I now started calling myself as "Occasional blogger" after I realised that I can't be regular here anymore. Though I have been reading other blog posts quite regularly, but writing one has become so hard for me. So I hope I will let myself have this tag at-least. 

While I was chilling on this 5days long weekend break loading myself with sugar, I decided to do this Chrismassy post. It is a beautiful time of the year everywhere and what more than dedicating it with a red outfit!
This dress is one of my all time favorites and very special. Its a simple ready-made dress (which I stole from my sister 😬). The color and fitting instantly caught my eye and I love it more for the mesh fabric and dupatta. I paired it with antique colored jewellery and brown san…

Stealing Mom's sari

It's hard to come across an Indian female who has never worn a sari. I, myself haven't been much of a sari person, except for weddings where I am allowed to sit at place so I could hold it together :)
But when I do wear, I am totally in love with them. Especially the simple light weight saris in which I can just walk around like I want and not call mom every time for help. It's the getting-used-to-it thing. 

If I may say proudly, my mom loves me in saris. She wishes I wear them more frequently. She says they suit me better than other outfits.. she thinks they go well with my height or personality. Not sure how she relates them to it but insert *shy* emoji here. 

So when I asked mom if I can borrow this sari of hers, she was more than happy and welcomed me to own the sari with open hands. And I wore it on an Indian festival. 
I usually like the compact version of sari draping to keep it in tact. My mom's blouse doesn't fit me, so here I paired it with a crop top of my l…