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Brk tym!!

hi bloggers.. hw r u al?? al bsy wit wrk, family, festivals?? i knw u guys hav got so many festives these days.. i m msng thm.. fud in particular.. msng al festival fuds.. :( gud thing is i m njoying lyf in Texas.. so far so gud.. :) wrk is also kool for nw.. but not getting much time to blog.. sry for tht.. cud not comment on ur blogs for a long tym.. but i m trying to go thru al ur blogs n i cud see ppl flowing wit poetry.. i dnt undrstand poetry much but i luv reading thm.. :) keep blogging ppl..

i m cooking thesse days for myself n learning ofcourse :P recently prepared capsicum and tomato n it came out vry well..

not only luk.. taste was also gud.. believe me!! :)

cooking is always fun i can say.. i neva cook whn i m @ home.. ofcourse i m the Queen thr.. but here u SHUD do ur things.. no othr way!! :)

I am hoping 2 hav a grt week ahead.. thnx giving week is almost here n i m planning 2 go Connecticut, meet my frens.. msng thm so much these days.. had a grt tym wit thm whn i was…

Happy Diwali..

hpy Diwali 2 all.. wish u lots n lots of fun wit crackers, sweets, family, frens.. blast out ur diwali.. dnt think to stop polluting the environment n al.. dnt bothr ppl saying stop polluting n start saving.. thr r so many othr ways 2 save earth.. if u agree wit thm, they wil soon ask us 2 stop driving.. so hav fun n an audible diwali.. :) n do take care.. luv.. Pria :)

P.S: Picture by Pria's SLR :)