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Boston Photography

As I planned to show my photography skills on my blog, here I start with :)

Boston Downtown

I am the Tallest


Sailing through a lonely way......

I am not scared of darkness

Unfortunately, one of these lamps was switched off (or not working?)

P.S. See all my experiments here. Would love some feedback!
Do you ever feel to eat something badly and go mad if you don't have it then? I do! I want pani-puri, UGH! Completely determined to have on this weekend. 
P.P.S. By the way, what do you think about my new blog template?

Weekend Fun!

I watched 3movies this weekend. One of them being my regional movie (Dookudu), had an experience of running, standing and get stamped in queues as it was the first day. I never saw theatres here so crowded before. But it was fun as I got the feeling of India where you stand in long queues to get tickets cheaply rather than buying them in black, talking to all strangers around you about the stampedes and the movie review.
The movie is ok and the comedy felt to be good. It is a mixture of many other movies. What would the directors do when they don't have any other story or when they find their story already released? So, they try to create all kinds of buster news to boost the audience watch their movies, But as expected it isn't a super duper hit (I say). But as usual, Mahesh is good (I am not his fan). No wonder why Namrata married this guy. :)
The other two are 'Rise of the planet of the apes' and 'I dont know how she does it'.
I, kind of liked the first one b…

Me and My Blog.

I remember starting blogging for fun and time pass. I used to read blogs ALOT and I was like addicted. I read blogs the whole night and make sure I comment on the ones I like and I follow. I was never bothered about receiving comments but still I used to blog.

Slowly, it turned to be my scrapbook (or crapbook?). I write whatever I feel. When I am happy, sad, fun or sometimes completely unrelated posts which the bloggers wouldn't have a single clue. When I am super excited I write, when I am down, I write and when I have somethings I really don't want to share with anyone but still want to spit it somewhere, I write here.. (sorry, that shouldn't be spit) :P The thing I like the most on my blog is the Title. It's apt to what I write!

Now a days, I keep saying that I want to blog more and more but never did. I have so many things to write and everything ends up in my drafts. May be I started worrying if I will receive any comments or not and if anyone really reads my blo…