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i m so much bored in my room n its making me mor lazy.. nt feeling to go out these days as its damn cold outside.. just spending my free time with phone n lappy.. i was thinking wht would it be if i m without a fone n a lappy.. horrible!! internet is the best.. any crap can b found thr ;) i am moving close to movies these days.. i was watching hell lot of movies before n now i am hating to watch them.. i love to watch anything on youtube (a safe site) but we dont have movies on that n the other movie sites.. few r gud n few r worse.. n nw again i decided to watch lots n lots of movies.. few weekends back i watched 2 hollywood movies (dont remem the names :P) but they are good.. was watching everything on my fren's netflix.. pissed off with my fren, i got my own account now.. yippiee!! i am aaappppyyy :)) so many movies to watch.. the best timepass for me.. just logged n ordered few DVDs also.. will b back with some movie reviews.. guys, do suggest me some nice movies?? n btw, hw w…