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My last 2days were crazy. I just don't have time anything to blog and so decided to ramble away!I am slapping myself right now for promising to post twice a week and failing and then trying to make an excuse in my point 1. However, I still have some hopes on my promise *shutting up and hiding*Why do people say Random Ramblings? Rambling means talking randomly, no?Planned to decorate our small kind-of-christmas-tree this evening.My tummy is shouting "I am hungry.. feed me, you bitch!".Its funny that I read Idly as Idli instead of Idle-ly :P This means my tummy is right.I am visiting India soon!!! I am flying over London to meet my cousins and friends. I applied for visa and would get it soon, hopefully!Waiting is such a pain in the a$$. Did I really say that? I thought I just typed-in a random special character.Ordered a camera for dad. This is going to be a surprise for him :)Countlessly playing this song from a tamil movie. I don't understand it but love SP BalaSubr…

I am still alive and with Red pants on!

This post is just to say that I am still alive and around. But not too much into blogging. My weeks have been running so hectic that I forgot to have lunch one day. I remember teachers back in school asking me this question when I forget to do my home work - "Do you forget to eat food?". Then I was surprised and always thought what a stupid question it is! But now I have the answer. Yes! I can forget eating when I am burdened with work.
Anyway, my red pants are here, finally after a long wait. Red and Black is one of my favorite combinations. I made a target to do a photo-shoot by end of every weekend. And also to post twice every week so that I will not be pending with my clothing/style posts. I have them in drafts but no time to post. 
Frankly, I just realized that I never bothered paid much attention about my follower's blogs or the blogs of people who comment on my posts. So now as I decided to be close to blogging, I promise I would be around very often and would t…