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Bring It On, 2014!

As if it just happened, I still remember how I welcomed last new year with family, food and drinks while holidaying in Emirates. It's the end of the year already!! And it's that time of the year when we look back at least once to see what and how we have done. We pat ourselves for the best things that went well and give a thought about those that could have been done better. But we have many more years to come to do the best of our abilities. So let's wave bye to this year and welcome the new years with a warm smile for both! Shall we?

Merry Christmas!

Faith makes all things possible, Hope makes all things work, Love makes all things beautiful, May you have all the three for this Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sick days

In between running my daily errands and confused professional life, falling sick with eyes for almost a week is the worst thing that could happen when I have loads of things to be done. But life was different and better in a way when my doctor advised me to stop using technology. I could get time for everything else. Flipping through those favourite books, trying those brain training games, talking to my fish (yes, I do!).

And making those funny paintings.

This is what I love to do at 12AM.

Fish Curry - South Indian Style

Norway winters are the best winters I have seen. Like really. I think they are the real winters. Getting colder, darker, windier day by day, they are very much unlike summers. Everything turns to be lonely and different. More on the Norway weather later. Staying indoors is the best thing I can do on such weekends.

So what's the weekend plan, you ask? Cooking I would say. Somehow I have fallen into the trap of cooking these days. Ok, I know how to cook. And that's how I have been surviving, right? But cooking those special dishes more than just for survival was not my thing. But now once I started experimenting, I think I am into it. For now, I am an amateur and try to keep my dishes as simple as possible. So here is the first one from those experiments.. direct from Pria's Kitchen ;) 

Ingredients & Recipe: (This recipe is applicable for only certain kinds of fish. The one I used is Salmon)

1. Marinate fish and keep it aside for 15-20minutes.
    Fish + salt + chilli powd…

Sizzler Love

As I am craving for Sizzler today, I just remembered these pictures from few of my first ones while experimenting with my camera.  
I love it more for the sizzle it makes.
And now my hunger for sizzler is on peeks :/

Captain Phillips

So, I missed to celebrate Diwali with family one more year. This is the 4th consecutive year and it's no more fun missing family on festivals. To compensate that, I made some busy plans for this weekend like cleaning, cooking, dressing up, meeting friends with whom I got a chance to lit a sparkle that made me happy of diwali, games, good food, lots of sweets, loads of pictures and then watch Captain Phillips. Of all, cleaning was the worst part.

CP is one of the best action and thriller movies I have watched recently. Expecting it to be little boring from the poster, I still wanted to watch seeing the reviews. It being the true life story with many twists and turns made it more watchable. This is the story of a Captain of a huge American cargo ship that has to be reached to Africa from Oman. Tom Hanks played it the best by being the captain who tries to save the ship and his crew while they are being hijacked by pirates while passing through Somalia.

The whole story is on water and…


1. Last one week has been so nice. After weeks of confusion, I am relaxed with my job which means no real work for some time. Worked out as and when I had time. Met friends. Checked the things off my list. etc..
2. I started to paint something.. something simple to start with. After days of postponement, I am finally there.

3. Is there anyone else who can't get off the songs of Ashiqui 2 and Shuddh Desi Romance?

4. I need a head to toe make-over. Its been ages I had body and face massage, manicure, pedicure and a hair cut. I miss those times.

5. I so wish I should have gone for drinks tonight. Its not a good feeling when you have to sit at home on a weekend writing your ramblings while everyone else is partying.

6. I am trying to make some special dishes on my own. I mean with no-one's nagging about it. It's a punch-on-the-face to those who say I am not a kitchen person.

7. I am being regular to yoga and zumba, my favourite activities. I am so much in love with hatha yoga…

Born for each other

“Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Birthday and Donations

As I am moving far from my 25 and reaching 30, my birthdays are not much exciting anymore. It's not that I hate 30s but I am no more going to be in my 20s which is sad. Though 30s have their own pros and cons as 20s, I am not sure if they can give me as much fun as 20s. But I am quite sure, I am going to be more wiser wise. I still have a lot of time to reach 30 though. Anyhoo.. It was my birthday some 10-15 days back and I wanted it to be peaceful this time. Totally. No mid-night celebrations, no wishes, no phone calls, no birthday dresses, no gifts, no parties, no dinners, no plans.. nothing.. nada. I have taken it off from my networking sites [this is a way to know your real friends ;-)]. I wished my birthday to be like any other day. Like any other working-day. Moreover I never celebrate at my work place. I have always taken off from work to celebrate with my family or friends. But this time I haven't. I planned my day busy. I filled it up with work and sessions after wo…

You don't find time, you make time.

[With my favorite aunt for she gifts us a lot]
Aunt: Hi
Me: Hey aunt, how have you been?
Aunt: I'm fine. How are you?
Me: I'm fine too aunt. It's going great! *Life was much exciting then*
Aunt: What are you up to?

*Me trying to skip her next question* [She is the principal of a school and is as strict with us as with her students. However, she is fair and good to be an aunt.]
There comes her next unexpected question.

Aunt: Where have you been these days? Haven't been home in a long time.
Me: Ac.. tually I have been really BUSY.
Aunt: *giving me that strict-principal-look already*
Me: Actually been busy with work these days.
Aunt: *still with the same strict-principal-look* Hhmm.. people who say busy are those who think they are busy. But they are just busy thinking that they are busy.
Me: *confused look* *Trying to arrange all the busy words correctly in her dialogue* Oh well!! @#$%^&*

Are you also confused like me? Then read it again. It does make sense.

And now…


“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” — Steve Jobs

Hair & There. Black & White.

I think this is the best haircut I could ever get. This is the first time I tried side bang and it turned out nice (well, I feel so). Because every single time I have a cut, I regret of visiting that hairdresser and would curse till my hair is back to its worst expected zig-zag length. The people much worried than me about my hair are my parents, especially my dad. Not sure why but he loves my hair, when its long :) Sweet, isn't it? And my mom would join me in cursing.
Finding the one perfect hair dresser has been a night mare. I say so coz. its just not the cut I would be happy about but also the way the hair grows back post cut. I would just grow my awkward hair so long that one day some one at work had to remind me to go for a cut. That was little embarrassing moment. 
After half a decade of getting bad hair cuts, I crossed my fingers when I visited Visible Changes in the States. I would opt for the senior dresser and not bother about the high amounts they charge for just a ha…

Sneak Peek: Hair & There. Black & White.

As I try to get back to my life and blog, here's a preview of my next post. 

This is where I live.

The best thing I like about Stavanger, Norway is the water place which is called the City Center (Senctrum in Norsk - language of Norway). This is the only place that is busy all the times in Stavanger except Sunday [yes, everything is closed on Sundays :-(]. All the shoppping and restaurants are located around this place and its so nice to take a walk along the water side. There are ferris always available to go to the fyords around. Another post on fyords if you would like to see?
Another nice thing about Stavanger is, in which ever direction you go in the city, you can see water. There are roads going on water, over water and infact in water * Ok, I agree on and over doesn't make difference*. Believe me, the tunnels passing through water are scary.
This is one of those pictures when I had the mood to capture my city. You can find the other one here.

Wish List and Black Boots

I wish:
1. To have a heart that forgives people easily. Is there anyone who has this already? Oh yes, I can see you. Please give me some gyaan.
2. I don't regret much for certain things.
3. I don't loose patience over silly things.
4. I don't have too many mood swings that could spoil other's mood.
5. I am happy with and appreciate what I have in life.
6. To have a heart that forgives people easily. Is there anyone who has this already? Oh yes, I can see you. Please give me some gyaan.
7. I don't regret much for certain things.
8. I don't loose patience over silly things.
9. I don't have too many mood swings that could spoil other's mood.
10. I am happy with and appreciate what I have in life.

Yes I said it and you read it right. If only these wishes can be fulfilled soon and I make my life better. These are the only things I have in mind right now other than these black boots. I have been looking for simple black boots for a while and finally got them…

Christmas, New Year and UAE!

PS: I know, I know. Wondering that its been 3months we celebrated Christmas and of course we are done with Easter vacation as well, and I am still with my Christmas vacation post? This post has almost been dying in my drafts. So I decided to get rid of this today. I can't ignore posting few posts - How much ever late they are!

My ideal/dream Christmas and New Year time is to celebrate with:
Heavy snow, making snow man
Decorating christmas tree
Inviting friends for dinners, parties
Become a santa, gift children
Eat a delicious cake. 

No wonder I failed one more time in last 3consecutive years. Every time I had a chance, I had something else popping up suddenly. Well this time, it happened again but in a different way. Infact in the totally opposite way. 

There wasnt snow, there wasnt cold. But there was Sun.
Couldnt decorate a tree but could get fresh air from it.
Friends, dinners, parties could never be missed.
Whereever I go, Shopping follows
Became a buddy to my niece
Ate loads of de…