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Sunrise or Sunset?


hasta la vista, USA!

Leaving a place you have been in for 2years, isn't a nice feeling. However, it's not too bad when you are moving for good. When things work out as planned. When everything goes your way. Basically when life cooperates.

And it's just not one way.

When life drags you in its way, don't be tired. But then get up and run ahead. And it will just follow you. That's the way it needs to be handled.

USA has brought a huge change. I changed. Changed for good. Believe me, change is never going to be bad. And anything that brings change? Is not bad either! I am gonna miss USA!

Everything in life is temporary and has it's importance. So in good or bad times, give time, some time. I am leaving this place in happy times and no signs of sorrow and regression. I am going to be taken care of family again. Can have mom's made food, funny chats with dad, shoppings with sisters, play times with niece and of course, photo shoots with my brother-in-law. Nice no? I am excited!!!

"In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous." ~Aristotle