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1. Last one week has been so nice. After weeks of confusion, I am relaxed with my job which means no real work for some time. Worked out as and when I had time. Met friends. Checked the things off my list. etc..
2. I started to paint something.. something simple to start with. After days of postponement, I am finally there.

3. Is there anyone else who can't get off the songs of Ashiqui 2 and Shuddh Desi Romance?

4. I need a head to toe make-over. Its been ages I had body and face massage, manicure, pedicure and a hair cut. I miss those times.

5. I so wish I should have gone for drinks tonight. Its not a good feeling when you have to sit at home on a weekend writing your ramblings while everyone else is partying.

6. I am trying to make some special dishes on my own. I mean with no-one's nagging about it. It's a punch-on-the-face to those who say I am not a kitchen person.

7. I am being regular to yoga and zumba, my favourite activities. I am so much in love with hatha yoga…