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New year. And finally a new post!

I entered into the new year very abruptly. I was busy travelling to Netherlands and Belgium for Christmas to spend an awesome time with my cousins. By the time I realised and out of the bright lights and food (this includes hell lot of chocolates, cakes and cookies) mood of christmas, it was new year already. So I didn't make any special plans for new year's eve and decided to spend some good time (which includes food again) with friends just like a random weekend. Both the occasions were so fun and I already learnt my first few lessons of this new year even before I made any resolutions. Never ever mix your drinks! Big big mistake! And I don't want to talk about the other lessons :P

Last year had been very special to me. It was nothing about any resolutions or goals. I just took it as it came my way. Travelled to several places, made good friends, tried a lot of things that I never did before. And at the same time, slowly moving towards my goals and also becoming a better …