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Merry Christmas!!

I wish all my bloggers a great chilling 'Merry Christmas' n happy holidaying.. !! :)

Haunting Dream :(

sitting before my computer in the middle of the night.. never before in my life.. but what to do.. its like a haunting night for me today.. :( i was waken up by a bad dream n cud nt sleep again.. seriously even when u r very bold, sometimes somethings make u feel so scared.. u know.. bad dreams.. hospital scenes and all.. dont want to discuss more.. coz i may not be able to sleep tmrw also.. LOL :P i am so much attracted to horror and thrilling movies.. but u know what.. the dream today took me to the last death step.. seriously.. i dint want to open my eyes also.. thot if the dream comes tru.. then wht?? i am almost dead.. oh no.. dont want such a bad dream again.. but the good thing is this blogging world.. its making me feel so comfortable now.. thanks to all the bloggers.. such good posts.. i tried commenting on each of them.. :) n also i read it somewhere like the dreams last only for few seconds.. is it tru?? i dont believe.. my dream lasted for nearly an hour.. hhmmpphh.. :'…

Who am I??

As i could not put evrything about me in my profile, writing BIT about myself here..:)

I am a pakka fun loving gurl who loves to have ppl around (but sometimes loves to be lonely also :)).. always cool and caring.. i care for ppl who care about me.. otherwise just beware of me.. :) i come from the green city in AP.. i love my place.. i love the beach.. i love going for long drives.. i love chocalates.. ice creams.. junk food.. i love love love chicken alot (sry for veggies here).. but i cant stop saying this.. it was like crying for me when my doc advised me to quit non-veg for 3months... it was horrible.. but now i am back to track.. :D i enjoy every piece of it.. :P i am so passionate about photography, paintings, drawings, reading and going through blogs.. i am very bad at all these things.. i came here recently and am impressed of few bloggers and their blogs.. they write so well.. i know i am really bad at expressing myself.. but thot y dont i start learning it here?? not a bad id…

Hello World!!

Woowww, finally i m a blogger!! I have been reading blogs since a long time and thinking about writing one but always postponed it.. some kind-of lazziness.. :) but i can say though not a good writer, i love writing.. sharing my views, thoughts n getting to know others well.. want to post about many of the things of my day.. may be interesting.. not-interesting.. silly.. serious.. past.. present.. finally today i m here and will continue to be part of this blogging world :) Keep Smiling!!

P.S: if u go through my posts and if u like to suggest/ scold or.. u r always welcome with ur comments.. thnx for stopping by..:)