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Holi aayi re.. \:D/

May god gift all the colors of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of luv & all other colors u want to paint in ur life.

Skiing waz AW-SUM.. :))

V went for skiing last weekend but cud nt post bout it.. bit buzy the whole week.. i spent the whole last weeknd at skiing only.. it was really really aweessoommee.. :) i spent my valentines day thr at New Hampshire.. nt with my loved ones bt wit my relatives.. :) we startd frm here on sat morning.. the way to NHS is really too gud n scenic.. a want-to-visit place for those who love fotografy.. its a fabulous place for clicking scenic pictures.. we reached in nearly 3hrs to my relatives place.. had a gud lunch n thn again started to skiing mountains.. they r the LOON mountains.. we reached at almost 3 bt the skiing wud b thr only til 4.. so we did nt go fr skiing tht day..:( frm thr we went fr site seeing.. to WHITE Mountains.. i waz so much xcited seeing this place.. i did nt feel coming back.. wanted to play thr sometime.. really gr8 views.. :)

V cud see evrythin in white al around.. n u wil b chilled n thrilled seeing this..
This is for ur info.. who want to visit this place.. the…


By the time u realise the value of people around u, it might be the time for them  to leave U.. So, never miss a chance  to say 'I need u in my life'.. that is LOVE.. :)
P.S. Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers! :) Wish u al a vry hpy Valentines Day!!

P.P.S. Picture by Pria.. :)

Happy Shivratri.. !!

hi bloggers..

wish u al a vry hpy Shivratri.. i think i m late in conveying the wishes coz i m in the US n so the time delay.. :) anyways hope u al cud do fasting n stay awake the whole night?? i knw its difficult.. bt whn i was a kid i cud do al these things n dint feel much difficulty.. we wud go to temple early in the morning n hav some milk or something fr brkfast n my mom wud try to keep us for sometime witout food.. if we cud do we used to continue or if nt as usual stomach ful of lunch n dinner.. :) we were staying in a colony tht time.. in order to keep the ppl awake thr, they used to play movies al the night in an open theatre.. this is the awesome experience for me on Shivratri.. we al cud come early frm skool n get ready to watch those movies.. al the kids in our lane wud go first n keep places for family thr at the theatre.. we used to njoi al these things.. aftr al we r kids.. noone bothers bout us.. they play movies from evening 7 to til the nxt day morning 5.. :)) al th…

Frustrated.. :(

i was vry much frustrated about my roomie flat-mate yesterday.. i dnt knw y ppl interfere in my personal things n try to take control of me.. i was in a vry gud mood to njoi my snowy moments n thn suddenly it hpnd tht we had some bad undrstanding n i was completely mood off.. but stil i didnt want to miss the snow.. but the fall dint stop til late night.. i think it was late than 11 in the night.. it was vry windy til tht time.. so i cud nt go meet my frens n play.. :( i felt bad whn they started clearing the roads n the drive ways in the night at 12.. i thot today again thr wud be snow fall.. but unfortunately the weathr report here is also like the one in India.. it did not last till today.. whn i woke up today, al i cud see is the roads cleaned n al the muddy snow pushed off to the sides of the roads.. it is vry ugly nw luk wise.. the ppl who cleaned the roads walked on the snow n made it mor dirty.. i dint want to touch it also.. :( al my plans r reversed.. vry much frustrated nw.…

Waiting for Dusk..

I m ryt nw desperately waiting for the evening to njoi my first snowy moments.. we r having so much snow here today.. its continuously going on since the late night i guess.. i was so hpy whn i saw the weather report for this week.. we have snow for 2days.. wanna play with it alot.. n also wanna taste it.. :) i luv it lotsss... i m wrking frm home saying its snow fall here n its vry difficult to come to office (actually my office is at walkable distance only.. :P).. wrking frm home for me  is like njoying at home.. so i cald my parents excitedly n described thm about the snow fall n hwz it gng to be aftr tht.. thn cald my sis.. thn my frens.. n finally landed up with nt doing any wrk for today.. n nw sitting here n writing al this.. :) okies.. so nw as per report, its goin to stop in the evning for some time.. so planning to go out n play.. :) here r the glimpses of the snow til nw..

view from our kitchen.. u can see the snow flakes here..

view from my room.. i got up @ 6 today to see …

Capturing the colors of S.K.Y.

P.S. not a nice capture tho.. but liked the  colors in real scenery.. :)