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Skiing waz AW-SUM.. :))

 V went for skiing last weekend but cud nt post bout it.. bit buzy the whole week.. i spent the whole last weeknd at skiing only.. it was really really aweessoommee.. :) i spent my valentines day thr at New Hampshire.. nt with my loved ones bt wit my relatives.. :) we startd frm here on sat morning.. the way to NHS is really too gud n scenic.. a want-to-visit place for those who love fotografy.. its a fabulous place for clicking scenic pictures.. we reached in nearly 3hrs to my relatives place.. had a gud lunch n thn again started to skiing mountains.. they r the LOON mountains.. we reached at almost 3 bt the skiing wud b thr only til 4.. so we did nt go fr skiing tht day..:( frm thr we went fr site seeing.. to WHITE Mountains.. i waz so much xcited seeing this place.. i did nt feel coming back.. wanted to play thr sometime.. really gr8 views.. :)

V cud see evrythin in white al around.. n u wil b chilled n thrilled seeing this..

This is for ur info.. who want to visit this place.. the place is the Bretton Woods where u can see White mountains..  

n the nxt day we went for skiing.. we reachd thr in the morning so thot we cud spend the whole day thr.. had to wait fr the training class.. yep they give us some classes first if u r the first time comers n thn allow us fr actual skiing.. had a fun time learning it.. ppl keep falling.. rolling ovr snow.. falling n hugging othrs.. ^o^ u wil nt hav control of ur body first time whn u take the skiies..

V cud nt take more pictures as we al got bzy learning, falling n skiing.. :) u cn see the mountains at the back here.. we skiied at the right most one.. its the smaller one than othrs.. only for learners.. :) n the awesome thing is it was snowing whn we were skiing.. uumm.. so nice na.. \:D/

This is a small lake kind of near the skiing mountains.. it was freezed becoz of coldness.. n also thrs some watr flowing.. i liked this lot.. 

 Finally had a real gr8 weekend.. planning to spend more of these kind.. :)

P.S. for those who want to go for skiing, a suggestion frm my end - plan ur day fully.. search in internet or cal the ppl ovr thr before u plan n get to knw al things tht hpn.. like wht tym u hav 2 be thr.. time fr classes.. time u cn ski for.. evrything.. n if u r vry much intrstd to keep gng fr skiing, u cn get ur own skiing costumes n al the stuff required fr protection or els u'l fal sick the vry nxt moment bcoz of cold.. n also i had ful body aches the nxt day as i have fallen countless times.. :) yep i cud go only once successfully :P so do keep some time for rest aftr skiing..


  1. i am jealous :P..wish i could be thr for the skiing the pics look awesome....wish i could play in snow..:(...anyways i am happy to see ur enjoying the time thr...have loads of fun this sunday to :)....take care...and btw u look cute the snow background was awesome..


  2. falling down while skiing is so much fun .. I'm sure you'd agree!! The whites all around adds up to the fun ! I enjoyed Skiing in Kashmir, where there was eight feet of snow and snow !

    By the way, where is this place ? And you really should have more pictures :|

    Take care
    Sourav .. in love with me and life!! :)

  3. I never got a chance for that,but would certainly love to try it once. :D

    thanks for joining my blog :)

  4. Nice pics ! And well described too :) Could picturize the whole thing !

  5. Sourav - 8feet of snow wud be so vry awesome.. this is in new hampshire.. loon mountains..

  6. Chocolate Lover - yeah evn i.. but this will be so much fun.. :) u shud try..

  7. i have always wanted to do that...infact tdy mrng was havin a discussion with my father on the same

  8. Mayz - u shud try.. so much fun u knw :)

  9. Always wanted to go there .. TOday more so after reading ur post !!

  10. it could only remind my buetiful memories!

  11. kool.. i m glad i cud remind u ur memories :)


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