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This is the most beautiful jellyfish I have ever seen. As beautiful as they could glow the aquariums, yet they could be the most dangerous. Which reminded me of the proverb 'Appearances are Deceptive'!
By the way, did you know that jelly fish are heartless and brainless? And then, people eat them?  Read some facts about jellyfish here.

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Hike to Månafossen: Rogaland, Norway

I didn't have much clue about hiking back in India or in USA and until I moved to Norway, where hiking, running, skiing and other adventures are the basic steps Norwegians take when they are born. To survive in a place like that and to experience the real Norway, you have to make yourself do at least try these things.

My first hiking in Norway was to Månafossen, which is the biggest waterfall of 90m and has the spectacular view in Rogaland county of Norway. It took us around 60-90minutes to drive from where we live in Stavanger. The best thing about driving in Norway is the wonderful view you get wherever you go. Its very scenic everywhere in Norway. Its full of fjords, forests and typical landscape views. 

We have been to this place in September when the weather was not cold but you need to put on your jacket. As I was not much into hiking when I moved here more than 2years ago, I always enquired about the place and the level of difficulty before doing it. This one they said, was t…