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Sneak peek: How about Summer in September?


Didn't know there is an International day for celebrating chocolates. This reminded me of a colleague who called me 'choclaty' just because I ate too many chocolates back then.. for the fact of gaining weight. The weight part didn't happen but I remained eating more chocolates. This head-to-toe brown outfit is making me feel choclaty again.  By the way, I can eat most of the chocolates including coconut and caramel mixed but for the obvious bitter reasons, I can't even attempt to eat dark chocolate. And I don't like coffee. Is it just me?
Belated happy Chocolate day, everyone! 

Hanging clothes

Hanging clothes for line drying right on the streets of Venice. Not very unusual to spot in small cities of Europe. Reminds me of home laundry back in India :)

Angled Eiffel