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Hair & There. Black & White.

I think this is the best haircut I could ever get. This is the first time I tried side bang and it turned out nice (well, I feel so). Because every single time I have a cut, I regret of visiting that hairdresser and would curse till my hair is back to its worst expected zig-zag length. The people much worried than me about my hair are my parents, especially my dad. Not sure why but he loves my hair, when its long :) Sweet, isn't it? And my mom would join me in cursing.
Finding the one perfect hair dresser has been a night mare. I say so coz. its just not the cut I would be happy about but also the way the hair grows back post cut. I would just grow my awkward hair so long that one day some one at work had to remind me to go for a cut. That was little embarrassing moment. 
After half a decade of getting bad hair cuts, I crossed my fingers when I visited Visible Changes in the States. I would opt for the senior dresser and not bother about the high amounts they charge for just a ha…

Sneak Peek: Hair & There. Black & White.

As I try to get back to my life and blog, here's a preview of my next post.