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Spring'y Europe

The only season I know of Europe is winter. Moving from the hottest region (Texas) in America to the coldest region in Europe, I felt it more cold than usual. But now I feel much better. Much accustomed to the weather. Spring and summers are the best times here we wait for.

This outfit was worn in Riga, a place in Latvia, Europe. In-spite of the weather being dull, I hate people who prefer wearing dull clothes. They wear black, brown, grey, bluish (almost black) clothes and walk on those dark roads. And you never know whom you are going to hit on a bad day. Otherwise, Europe is a rather beautiful and scenic than the US, I must say!

When the black and white weather decided to be bright and sunny one morning, everything seemed to be fresh and welcoming. And I decided to be little more colorful. It's a cute summer dress which I had to damage manage with leggings and a jacket coz of the weather.

On a stormy evening

When Nilam had hit India and Sandy had hit the States, something had hit us too. On a stormy evening... in Norway.

Pretty Polka Dots

Am I the last one to put on polka dots? There was this trend where I have seen nothing except polka. At work, at shopping, at blogging, at parlors, at parties, at random places and in-fact at home too. Polka is aways pretty but at one time I wanted to be away from it. I never bought one for myself but gifted to my sister. It looks pretty on everyone (..this includes me I believe).

Finally I got this pretty polka dots dress and totally in love with it. It made me look more slim and perfectly fit.

Last weekend was a visit to Germany. It's a beautiful historical country. Historical places find to be boring sometimes. But cities in Germany like Berlin, the capital, has got those old stories and beauty in each of its constructions, I must say. Every building has some significance in history. If not, significance in the way its built.

2months was a worthy break.

My best holiday or taking break from work would be to spend with family (which is 1000s miles away from me), doing nothing, only shopping and eating out. And this is what just happened in the last 2months.

Break from work is sometimes a headache coz when you go back everything seems to be new and hectic. Not to face this, I resigned my job.. to get into a new one, move to a new place and start a new life. This new life is going to be totally different from what I've been living till now. Moved from America to Europe.

Finally landed in Norway after 2months of happy holidays. This place is nice. I've been here for a short trip before and pretty much getting adjusted to the weather and everything here. Europe is a nice place as u can visit many other countries with just one visa. That's the truth I am here for. Joined new job and work seems to learn many things.

That's pretty much it. Waiting to travel around as soon as I get my resident card!!

This is how I am in Indi…

Dusk to Dawn


Sunrise or Sunset?


hasta la vista, USA!

Leaving a place you have been in for 2years, isn't a nice feeling. However, it's not too bad when you are moving for good. When things work out as planned. When everything goes your way. Basically when life cooperates.

And it's just not one way.

When life drags you in its way, don't be tired. But then get up and run ahead. And it will just follow you. That's the way it needs to be handled.

USA has brought a huge change. I changed. Changed for good. Believe me, change is never going to be bad. And anything that brings change? Is not bad either! I am gonna miss USA!

Everything in life is temporary and has it's importance. So in good or bad times, give time, some time. I am leaving this place in happy times and no signs of sorrow and regression. I am going to be taken care of family again. Can have mom's made food, funny chats with dad, shoppings with sisters, play times with niece and of course, photo shoots with my brother-in-law. Nice no? I am excited!!!

"In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous." ~Aristotle

Summer Vacation and Tips

This time its Orlando!!! That was a quick plan we made for this long weekend and it worked so fine.  We went to Sea World, Disney Land and Island of Adventures. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Everything has got its own significance. This is the first time I have seen such a place and all those crazy rides. I want to write a whole post about this trip and this time I promise. I know I have been missing all these kind of posts every time after I tell you. But this vacation..

It was a hectic vacation of sorts. We had to walk a lot in the scorching sun (who said its never hot in the US?) at this time of the year, stand in those loonnnggg queues, get all tired and sleep for just 4-5hours. Not all vacations can be relaxing you know. My body was totally dehydrated. I would love to give these tips or suggestions for anyone making out summer vacations.

Dress for the day. Check out the weather and make sure you carry the right outfits. I thought I wore a summer dress but I had to change to shorts for co…

When confused making Decisions, take Risks!

Life is never smooth. Period. If you thought so.

I was always scared of this fact half of my life and never wanted to disturb it. Whatever or wherever it goes, I had let it be. I enjoyed whatever good comes my way and disappointed about the bad things. Deciding about something good or bad was never in the dictionary. Taking or making decisions was never my part.
Well, life teaches you all the important lessons at some point. It teaches you to live by yourself, individuality, independency.. all make same sense? Alright.. life also teaches making decisions, taking risks. Then that is the real phase of living life. It makes you happier. It makes you proud. It makes you achieve goals.

My life was all smooth till I was provided with choices.. not 1 or 2.. many. I wasn't sure how my decision is going to impact my life. I meant my daily life. I literally spent some days to make a decision. But still couldn't come up with a reason for deciding on one.

I WANTED to take risk. This migh…

European Vacation

Off late, I have been to Europe.. for the first time.. for my summer vacation. Never ever even dreamt that I would go to an international destination for vacations. 2012 turned to be good. I visited London, now Europe and I know I have many more countries waiting for me. *UK (London) and Europe are not same. They are totally different and need different visas too.*

After having all the drama of applying for visa, only later we realised that I got it for short time. Never mind I wanted to take only a short break from work but had to spend time visiting consulate, submitting documents and get it done. The visas are made so strict now that they are issuing only for the duration of the trip which means if you want to re-visit, you will have to re-apply the visa. I know, it isn't fair! I wanted to take multiple breaks to Europe this year :(

Now coming to the actual trip, I visited Norway and Latvia. These are small, nice and pleasant countries. Both the places that I visited in these …

Who doesn't like surprises?

I am so so happy!!! Happy for surprising me who likes surprising others. *dancing*

Didn't understand? Read on.
I am always a kind of person who likes to surprise people, in any way. A sudden visit to home, wrong calls to friends, gifts to my niece, online shopping to special ones and so on. 
This thing started from my dad when he returned home from his business trip. I still remember those days when I was a little kid (1st or 2nd class?) and when my dad left to Mumbai on his business trip. As the little girl of my dad, I cried, cried and cried again till he returned. My mom always consoled me that he would come back soon with my gifts. I never bothered. 
One pleasant early morning, I couldn't believe my eyes seeing my dad at the door. For a moment I thought that was a dream and started to cry in sleep. That was the first surprise I remember as a kid. He also surprised me with a water bottle in the shape of colgate paste. I loved it. I took that to school and announced it to everyo…

Rodeo Carnival

I have had a chance again to have fun at Rodeo Carnivals this year. Unlike last year, which was spent on all rides and Rodeo show, this year concentration was solely on concert and food :) 
We could get tickets for the Enrique's concert. It wasn't my first live concert but had fun like the first one. Shouting, singing, trying-to-dance. His fans went crazy when he started 'Tonight, I'm loving you!'. He couldn't bear his fans more and so he started moving around the ground, flying kisses, hugs, smooches to  fans. He was on a swing and caught up with a fan. He sung for her, hugged her, kissed her and there she was totally gone. She couldn't come out of the shock and started crying.  She was not ready to leave him though her hubby was there.
Anyway, all we did for the carnival was dress up, get, set, go like cowgirls! You can check my post here where I dressed up more like a cow girl.

Jeans: Levi's Shirt: Forever21 Jeans Vest: Wet Seal Bag: Payless Shoes: Charl…

I am home, again!

I can never forget this trip to India. All excited. Sudden visits. Sudden decisions. Sudden plans. And all turned to be good. *touch wood* The only thing that went wrong is the damage to my dad's car. But again good is that he didn't bother about it much. The reason? There I was! :P

I spent my vacation to the fullest.. without wasting a single minute. Good time with family, cousins, friends, parties, shopping. It was a memorable trip. I had a solid one month vacation.

The return flight from India was good and bad. Good because got a chance to fly with The Special One, bad because I was missing home terribly. I almost became sick and was planning to go back. Sitting at the airport, I started to check my calendar and count days for my next trip.
But now I am back to the US of A and feels like I am home, once again. This place turned to be my second home - Where I have my happy, sad, excited, disappointed moments. Where I am taught to live by myself and enjoy all the moments of lif…