When confused making Decisions, take Risks!

Life is never smooth. Period. If you thought so.

I was always scared of this fact half of my life and never wanted to disturb it. Whatever or wherever it goes, I had let it be. I enjoyed whatever good comes my way and disappointed about the bad things. Deciding about something good or bad was never in the dictionary. Taking or making decisions was never my part.
Well, life teaches you all the important lessons at some point. It teaches you to live by yourself, individuality, independency.. all make same sense? Alright.. life also teaches making decisions, taking risks. Then that is the real phase of living life. It makes you happier. It makes you proud. It makes you achieve goals.

My life was all smooth till I was provided with choices.. not 1 or 2.. many. I wasn't sure how my decision is going to impact my life. I meant my daily life. I literally spent some days to make a decision. But still couldn't come up with a reason for deciding on one.

I WANTED to take risk. This might make me happy or disappoint me. I finally gave it a thought and a shot. And guess what, I came out with flying colors. The part of risking was only tough. Everything else went very well. This is just not the one. This happened many times in my life. It just took time for me to realize it. I always needed to take risks. And I would wait for the results, all tensed. But this time I wanted.. I wanted to see what the results are. Well, I would be happy for yay results. Or else I have learnt something out of my own decision and life. I was all prepared to face it.

Anyhoo, go on and take risk to face a new Monday!!


  1. So true...sometimes taking a risk is worth it! :)

  2. so well written loved it really! well done keep writing ! :)

  3. So agree with you to take risks and make decisions! Unless we decide how can we succeed! Nice post for starting a new work week, Pria:)

  4. Good post which concludes "Take challenge and be positive".. :)

  5. What a great write up!
    And, of course risk taking does lead to success!

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  6. I know exactly what you mean :) Taking a risk is a part of the game! Well written :)


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  8. nicely written! u've a nice blog!
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  9. love the post, its so true tht the fear of losing makes us not do some of the best things in life.

    Well, thanks for this message - a wake up call tht not doing is worse than doing and failing


  10. Hey, your blog has such a neat look! Love it!!

    And yes, this post was terse and brilliant! :D


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