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Diving Deep into Nostalgia (Niagara)!

We have this long weekend in USA for Memorial Day. Of course I have long weekends every alternate weeks. It doesn't make much difference for me. But these are the weekends people actually plan for trips. Summers here and we SHOULD plan.
Last year this time was really fun for me. This time just that I don't have friends here, but last year was fun with my friends. I went to Niagara and New york. It was a 3day plan and went very smooth. We actually don't know how to go and all. So, we booked our tourism tickets for Niagara. Its a Chinkis travel services. From Groton (the place I was there in Connecticut), we went to NY in bus for 3hours. And the bus to Niagara is next morning at 7. 

As we don't have any place to stay for a night, we planned to stay at our bus stop but they didn't allow us. Yay!! So, we had to stay at Times Square the whole night. Isn't it fun? This is the place I love the most in NY. It is such a lively and crowded place. But still no one bothers y…

Best PJs

What's the difference between a fly & a mosquito?
A fly can fly, but a mosquito cannot mosquito!!

What did baby corn ask mom corn???
Where is Pop corn?

Why is the River Rich?
It has two Banks!

What do computers like to eat?

Why did the teacher wear sunglasses to School???
She had a Bright Student.

When does Gulshan Grover become Gulshan Grocer???
When he travels with the speed of light.(At that Speed, V=C)
(Velocity = Constant)

Why did the girl changed her name from Shruti to Shraxis?
Socho… kyu….. ???
Because  UTI bank is now Axis bank. Shruti ---Shraxis

A cow standing on the road keeps shouting 'F'... 'F'...
Because F=ma ( Newton 's Second Law :) )

A boy throws a bottle of Bournvita out of the window. A cat sees it, and takes the bottle of bournvita and buries it under the ground. Why?
Because 'CAT-BURIES' Bournvita

Who is called female Java?
Java'Gal' Srinath

3 cockroaches are walking on the road. Suddenly 1 of them starts singing &#…

Happy Mother's Day

Love you Mom for everything you have done for me. You are the only one to whom I can always come back shamelessly with all the things I have done. I can never owe you for the pain you felt for my life.  The only time she smiles when we cry is the first time we cry.

and I miss you too mom.. 
P.S: I am loving my new puppies template. You?

TGI Thursday

Its not the usual "Thank-God-Its-Friday" thing we always hear. Its thank-god-its-THURSDAY for me :) Yeah, I have off tomorrow. Not only tomorrow, I get off on alternate fridays. Whohoo!! We work in 9/80 schedule which means 80hours in 9days and we get off on 10th day. Isn't it cool??? So, I get long weekends alternatively. :) All the long weekends till now were like waste. So, decided to spend sometime for myself now.. going for the trial swimming classes this weekend and also reading To Kill a Mockingbird. :) Yippie, I am alive again. You guys too have a great weekend, See ya!!


It's YOU...

who made me weak and ... who became strong!!
Moral: Never let your happiness depend on someone else.. find happiness in yourself.. i know such a routine dialogue it is!! but this is true and life is this way.. i wish i go back and start it again or change it now.. both of which can't be done.. so, i am trying to change myself.. and this change is hurting me badly..
P.S: I am in office and writing all this senti here.. sorry, but this is what i feel sometimes.. me writing here will give me relief.. i just wrote this in general.. there is no bf-gf thing:P
P.P.S: Someone who hates blogging advised something on my blog.. "please do not use sms language in your blog".. hehe.. i am trying it hard now to avoid this.. short words made it easy and quick.. but never mind, i can do this if you like and peep into my blog sometimes.. :P