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Indian Dance

"Dance can be a profession, it can lead to stardom. Of course it can. But it can also be a process of meditation. It can be therapeutic. It can be a way to grapple with our own inner fears and demons. It can be a purely physical endeavour. It can be a purely mental journey. It can be a self-realisation of one’s cultural roots. It can lead to spiritual fulfillment. Indian classical dance is all this and so much more! Little wonder that even the gods danced in India. They too probably realized that it added value to their bliss in heaven!"
                                                                                                                                 - Geeta Chandran

Happy Diwali!

Is it October?? And Diwali already?? This year is definitely flying by. Its going to end in 2 months and I have got too many things to do and too little time. So nothing much to say except wishing everyone a happy and a safe Diwali! We sure are missing all the festivities in India. But making some time for gatherings with friends and having some delicious home made Indian food. You have fun people!

By the way, excuse me for the not-so-focused pictures. I too hate them but you have to live with that when you get bad photographers in your life. And when some photographer is better than having no photographer.

I am back.. with a 'Bang-Bang'!

I still remember the day I saw Hrithik on screen. Even before the release of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. I totally hated him.. for some weird typical reason. I complained about his looks and features. His eyes looked scary, his nose was different and his smile... was vampire's. And he looked like a horse to me. A Russian/Arabian breed. I kept changing channels whenever his trailer was played. But all I could land in was the trailer. All the channels played the same thing. It was such a hit poster then.
By later somehow when I saw the full poster and the movie, I have fallen for him. Totally again. I watched the movie like count less times. Those eyes.. that smile.. I wondered why I hated him so much before. Couldn't find a single reason. You should have beautiful eyes to see the beauty of a person, isn't it? I have got them a bit late.
Like every other young school going girl fan, I started to collect his posters. From paper cuttings to magazine covers to cassette prints to parker pe…