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I am hurt....

yeah!! i mean it!! i m hurt.. the biggest weakness in me is i care for ppl so much than required.. n this is the result i get.. i dnt expect anything frm thm.. but dnt knw y they do it.. they knw tht i'l b hurt of this.. they knw tht i m already in pain.. they knw wht my current situation is.. but still.. dnt they undrstand me?? am i so bad?? am i not caring fr thm?? a simple word can create so much pain.. they shud nt hav made fun of me tht way.. it really hurts!! i neva do this 2 any1.. whnevr we hav any fights, we come togethr again coz we r real frens.. so thot they wud undrstand my feelings n b wit me.. i shared my personal things coz they r close 2 me.. but hw can they make of fun of tht nw?? did i evr do tht?? do they think tht i wil go bak to thm?? no, not this tym atleast.. n told thm the same.. "i m nt gng to come bak.. do whtevr u want".. i felt bad whn saying this.. but i dnt knw.. i just said.. may b they wil b hurt or mad or angry on me.. but i m nt bother…

Cell Fones.. Ring Tones..

came across this poster recently.. well its tru n funny.. so sharing wit u.. :)


The third person is always 'THE ONE' who destroys a relationship.. Neva mind.. SHIT THEM OFFFF!!!


after some kind of research n nquiries, booked my bike finally.. loved its luks n specs.. gng 2 get it sooonnn.. n i m xcited 2 hav fun driving it.. :)