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No, noone is responsible for this.. I am pissed off so much right now coz of Myself, the great Pria.. I am hating myself for being all this lazy and postponing things which is making me crazy now.. I never have the sweetness in myself to do my fav things on time.. yes, i dont even take care of the things i love the most.. just eat, sleep, rarely work.. n then roam around in trains.. how long am i going to do this?? i need some transformation within me right now.. i am thinking all the things i should have done by now before someone else does it and show it to me.. that really sucks.. i am not jealous.. but if i like and love something, i feel good if i do it before someone else actually does it.. n the happiness makes me crazy.. i feel so high.. may be this is one kind of rare typical human behaviour.. but i love myself for being like this.. leave loving myself now.. why didnt i do it?? n y am i going this mad seeing someone doing it.. i am counting all the things i should have done a…


Can I be happy hurting others? NEVER!!
P.S: Others are those who sacrificed their lives for me..

Pass it on when you're done with it

Donating eyes will not hurt anyone not even you then why not do it? 


Sometimes I feel ..

... why terrible things happen in life which make me believe that something good is going to come out of it.

Indiaaaaaaaa Indiaaa *clap**clap**clap*

This is what I started feeling half an hour before the end of the World Cup 2011. Usually I don't watch these matches so regularly and this is the first match I watched in the World Cup 2011. :) Good that I watched and I could feel the awesome feeling of winning.. Our guys rocked.. It is such a great feeling for everyone in the country and proud to be Indians.. Bleeded BLUEEE.. Love you guys!! GG played so well and I am liking him right now :P 

BTW, Happy Ugadi to all.. I am missing this festival this time.. I love the foodie thing we make on this day (sweet+salt+sour+bitter).. my mom will prepare all these things :(