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Hike to Dalsnuten: Stavanger, Norway

Norway is famous for hiking and summer is the best hiking season to view its sceneries. This is my trip to a small hiking destination of Stavanger called Dalsnuten, which is around 300metres above sea level and gives you a refreshing feel. Every mountain in Stavanger gives you an amazing city view. Thats the beauty of it. Tourists prefer to have this in their things-to-do list if visiting Stavanger and planning for a quick hike. 

I like how the water looks deep blue

There is this nice place at the end that they decorated and you can use it for relaxing.

Or use this natural tree bark as the seating place and have some good food.

So here I am! At the top of the mountain :)

Be Right Back.

I didn't expect Norway summer to keep me this busy. Have been having too many things on my plate. Travelling, outdoor activities, special events have become part of my everyday life. And in-between struggling with study times and new plans. This is the best summer we are having and I can feel the hottest times people in other countries might be going through.

Though I am not regular in writing, I keep a watch on reading blogs. Its really nice to see many bloggers being back to blogging. It inspired me to write one and say a quick hello. While I gather my style pictures thrown everywhere on laptop and come back with my travel updates, I leave you with these sick pictures of mine. These are from almost 2years ago when I was struggling to understand what my life in Norway is. In short, right after I have fallen sick about everything-new-around-me phase :)