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Happy Halloween!!


It's Diwali..

.. yet again! I think I stopped counting anymore the number of festivals I've been missing over the past few years. But you cannot really avoid Diwali. Can you? It is something special. 

Though I was and am not so much into fireworks because our little puppy is scared of them, I still love the feel of the festival surrounding me while everyone else celebrates it. 

That is what we miss here. Fireworks happen only on New Year's. And if we hear them any other time, we have to look through the news to know why and where it happened. We still do have a small Indian community that does the fireworks on Diwali, if permitted.

We feel a lot of country-sick rather than home sick during festivals. Just to avoid this, instead we dress up, meet at events, have loads of food and do some fun. Ahh that festive food back home.. how much I miss it! I can't even..!

This is the story of our lives.  

Happy Diwali everyone!

Coming to the outfit, this lehenga is a gift from my nephew on his first birt…

Happy Birthday Princess!

It's been 2925 days we still remember her baby face with twinkle in her eyes she colored our lives
The day she came to this world with a smile precious than gold we were so proud for she gave us joy we could hold
She is daddy's little girl and mommy's priceless pearl May God bless and surround her with happiness
Have fun all the way we wish you a happy birthday!

Poetry flows when you think of your loved one :) tried it for my little niece :)



How about summer in September?

Stavanger weather is weird. When it was supposed to be warm/hot in April, we were still putting on our cardis and scarves. And now when it is supposed to rain or be cold in September, we suddenly had a fortnight of summer days with 25degrees and above. All the streets, bars and parks were crowded with people of happy faces. Everyone has a silly wish of having this temperature throughout - unimaginable and not to be an expected European weather. We literally had few humid nights and could not avoid the last sunny days of the year with BBQs, beaches, ice creams and photoshoots! :)

I have never been a fan of slit dresses. This is my first slit skirt and am glad it fitted my body so well. When someone thinks of and loves to see you in this skirt, you cannot say no! :)
Its perfect easy going and comfortable summer wear.