It's Diwali..

.. yet again! I think I stopped counting anymore the number of festivals I've been missing over the past few years. But you cannot really avoid Diwali. Can you? It is something special. 

Though I was and am not so much into fireworks because our little puppy is scared of them, I still love the feel of the festival surrounding me while everyone else celebrates it. 

That is what we miss here. Fireworks happen only on New Year's. And if we hear them any other time, we have to look through the news to know why and where it happened. We still do have a small Indian community that does the fireworks on Diwali, if permitted.

We feel a lot of country-sick rather than home sick during festivals. Just to avoid this, instead we dress up, meet at events, have loads of food and do some fun. Ahh that festive food back home.. how much I miss it! I can't even..!

This is the story of our lives.  

Happy Diwali everyone!

Coming to the outfit, this lehenga is a gift from my nephew on his first birthday. OK, I know he is just too young to do that but I really like their idea of return gifts. 

Orange and pink is my all time favorite combo. When I saw these colors and the simplicity of the lehenga, I didn't need more choices. And I decided to design the blouse myself which the tailor thought of damaging a bit with the sleeves. But overall it looks good and I liked it.

I somehow forgot to get the twirl shot in this lehenga. Next time!


  1. Beautiful outfit and Happy Diwali :)


  2. The photos are filled with colours just like the night of Diwali filled with lights.
    You look very pretty and the twirl would only add to the charm..
    Smiles and colours!


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