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That Summery Feeling

The hardest truth you hear when in Norway is - there are very few summer days you can count on in this country the whole year. Read it as - there is no REAL summer. I almost forgot the fact that summer is supposed to be hot.. really hot like back in India or Texas - the places I lived previously. While the whole world is facing the global warming this year, we are having the cold, windy and rainy summer. 

Weather is the only thing you talk about in your first year in Norway. The next year? Well.. you are already used to it and start loving the place! :)

So, we, living in Norway, pretend the summer to be hot and buy summer clothes only to wear them for pictures and then wrap up ourselves in warm jackets. The only time you realize the summer is seeing the greenery, and colorful clothes flowers around. I think I am one of those few people who like to wear colors to match the flowers and the super market walls.

I know too many pictures. But one last one because that's my favorite :=))