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Skiing in Sirdal: Stavanger, Norway

Sports were never my piece of cake after school and college and until I moved to Norway. There is always something to do in Norwegian winters. As the weather is crazy manysome times, people tend to do something.. anything and everything. And I love it. They do what not - skiing, snow-boarding, ice skating {on frozen lakes}, ice hockey, curling etc. I think this post is more appropriate after knowing about Norway winters.
Skiing is one of the best and fun winter sports I have come across. It totally sounded scary to me. Who would like to slide off a huge slippery snow mountain with boots heavier than your legs and long logs of iron tied up to your boots which will give you an easy fall and can fracture any part of your body. Because of this, people scared of heights go for cross country skiing. But if you ask me, down hill is more fun than cross country. 
The first time I tried skiing was in New Hampshire, USA which ofcourse was just falling and laughing at others. That's what I reme…