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Christmas Holidays..

i always wanted to be in the US for the christmas eve.. i felt lucky to be here this yr.. dnt knw but i m sumhow attached to this festival.. even in India i luv visiting churches, my frens place to see their decorations, christmas tree n al.. so i thot i wud hav a grt tym here, may not b wit my frens (as dint plan fr any trips this time) but atleast wit ppl around.. but evrything was quite opposite..

i cud feel the smell of christmas here aftr thanks giving.. as this is the only festival they make here, they all look excited the whole month till the next yr.. all my colleagues made their plans n eagerly waiting fr their trips.. i had to work the whole week as i was the only stand-in left for all of them.. i cud see all busy in getting gifts for loved ones.. my office was decorated aftr thanks giving n it was luking so colorful n pleasant like this.. these r frm my SLR.. i loved these shots..

i clicked these pictures before christmas, the last day when i was all alone in office n also …

Hpy BDay 2 ME.. :(

hi bloggers.. hw r u al.. its been a long long long time i am back to blogging.. so lazy i am!! n u knw wht.. i forgot 2 wish my bloggie on her bday.. yeah.. it was on dec 6th.. n dint evn feel so tht i cud cross 1yr so easily.. n still i m the same bad blogger.. insulting my bloggie.. :( atleast nw i thot it wud b grt 2 make her hpy wishing her blated.. so here i go..

hpy bday 2 my sweet n short bloggie.. i wish u make mor bdays like this n make Pria improve in her blogging :) i m nt so much into the way of writing blogs.. but i always want to put all my feelings, bad or good, hpy or sorrow, on paper n i do it here.. i feel so hpy putting evrything here n getting 2 knw tht ppl actually read my blogs n respond too.. luv ya al for tht.. i feel i share few feelings as others.. n yeah we al r alike in sum way or the othr..
life is unusual these days for me.. exciting but feeling i m lifting so many heavy things on my head which r actually nt needed.. but stil u knw human tendency.. "…