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Drive Safe!!!

I am not in a hurry to leave life.. so i try to drive safe.. :)
yeah!! i feel like this when i see ppl flowing fast with the traffic.. as if they are running to see someone whos on ventilator or self taking the last breath.. 

even i love driving alot.. but i believe it shud nt be dangerous to others.. i go mad when i see guys speeding up with gals.. we knw tht u can drive faster.. u need nt showcase tht to us.. :) n nw its more dangerous in rainy season.. plz take care of urselves n others too.. 
few tips or rules to be followed at the minimum:
1. drive @ 50 (for girls, ofcourse) and guys can go till 60 - overspeeding can be a confusion at final moment
2. never over-take heavy vehicles - overtaking can be a risk at many times
3. never forget to use signal lights - they r provided to be used
4. should learn using brakes rather than the actual driving
5. follow traffic lights - you never know others might get inspired from you and start following
6. last but not the least- never forget to wear y…