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Ageless Love..

Captured this pik when I was on the ferry to 'Statue of Liberty'.. cud not stop clicking them.. lovely couple!! they were having grt company..

Truth Hurts - Wake Up Call!

We all celebrated our Ganesh chathurdhi with so much fun, devotion & love towards god.. but it is painful to see that we trash the same god.. an email i received and thot it would be worth sharing.. 

this is the situation we see after 11days of the festival..
Is this.. IDOL worship ? IDLE worship ? or IDEAL worship ? 
The Day after .. Would you like your Gods bulldozed like garbage? or dumped like this? and treated like this ??

Ganapati Bappa Moriya!!!

hi guys.. happy Ganesh Chathurdhi n Ramadan.. hope u all had gr8 festivals.. i knw it will b fun making puja, reading out mantras n story of ganesh jhi, having lots n lots of sweets, watching movies n all.. my mom sometimes used to make me read out the story.. n it was all a fun coz we were never been able to read properly coz its in our mother tongue n it wud be like some tongue twister.. :) this time i gave chance to my cousin.. i still remember whn we were kids, we used to go around our colony 2 see all the statues n collect prasadams.. :) it was really fun.. missing those days.. :( heres our today's ganesh jhi.. :)

n also Eid Mubharak 2 all..had lots of Haleem this time.. yummmyyyy!!! :)

It waz not my day...

fortunately or unfortunately, Pria was born on August 27th, 1985.. frm then on she is so much xcited 2 celebrate her bday with her loved ones always.. but august 27th, 2010.. that was her worst bday is all I can say.. for the first time she was all alone.. cud nt be wit her family coz of work.. cud nt meet frens as she waz nt intrstd.. so slept @ around 11:45 the previous night.. family forgot 2 wish her.. :( got few calls.. no cake.. no wishes.. no late night.. had a pleasant sleep aftr sum gud conversations wit frens.. woke up @ around 10:30 which is near 2 mid-day.. half day gone.. got ready 2 off.. no brkfast.. waited for a fren til aftrnoon which made her more mad.. clicked few pictures with timer til tht stupid fren reached her place.. skipped office.. went out for lunch.. roamed around a mall.. got 2 knw tht my this stupid luncheon fren met wit an accident in this hurry.. damn tht was nt the right day for accident.. wished tht shud hav hpnd on some other day!! nevr mind.. fren …