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I am home!!

Aahh!! What a feeling to be home!! The internal joy started almost a month back with loads of shopping, everyone asking my dates of travel and family saying come home soon :) I miss home alot, sometimes!

Its good and tough at the same time to be away from home. Good because you get to have your time, friends, trips etc. You don't need to take permissions for everything. You can sleep at 2 or 3AM, wake up in the afternoons, skip showers, eat junk, meal once a day, go out, drive crazy, watch 3movies one after the other, reach home in the midnight and you dont have anyone to question. Isn't it nice?

But wait! Moving all these aside, imagine you have fallen sick/broke up with friends/hectic times at work/no time for yourself/no time to cook and eat/no where to go, there comes the feeling called homesickness! A terrible feeling which makes us to feel like crying but we don't really dare to cry. I had such times! Bad feeling it was!

Anyways, finally I am home and also had a n…

Home Alone!

Did you all watch this movie? If not, you should go, watch it right away.

It's the story of a cute and funny kid who is mistakenly left all alone by his family who goes on a christmas vacation. He is happy about this and tries to be the king of his home. And how he tried to play tricks and escape from the robbers. This same thing happened to me now. Not that I am cute and funny kid or my family left on a trip or I am happy to conquer my house room or I am attacked by burglers. Its just no more roomie for sometime. No, I didnt scare her yet. She is off temporarily.

Poor me! I love watching thrilling, horror, exciting, suspense kind-of movies. I never back off to watch them in the day. But at the end of the day (read: night), I would totally hate them. Reason? I am alone! I am scared!

I assured myself when my roomie left to India, that I still have a flat mate in another room who is daring and dashing and is not scared at all. But my intuitions are never wrong!

From the first day …

Tried making an Ad of 'Chrysler'..

I shot these when on our trip to Arkansas. A forest place where you can see all green-green. I found this place beatiful and fresh. You keep walking on a small wood between all those tall trees. And this is the way we found to go for a drive and we couldn't stop from taking pictures.
I am not so much into cars and can't give enough info even after tried-to-make-an-ad shoot. For more information on these cars, check here. Its the most comfortable and spacious vehicle.
Roaring to start.. vrroom.. vrroom..

I like the dust behind in these pictures.

On the go.. Vvrrrooommmm...

Landed safely..

There it is!

Did I make you feel like what you see on TV? Vehicle stops through dust and dirt but still would be clean and shiny?? Just that there are no turns and girls..
All kudos to the driver who could make the car to roar and the dust  to fly behind. And no wrong in giving little kudos to the photographer too who could take few shots in fraction of seconds :P (I didn't want to go for…

No Resolutions, Only Goals!

Could you figure out I tried to sound like Rajnikanth on this title? Hehah.. Mind it!
How you doing? Hope you all had a good holiday season unlike me! Mine was ok (not bad and terrible).    I spent my Christmas shopping and visiting Austin and San Antonio (places in Texas) and New year with shopping again, movies and REST. I had horrible headache after I shopped without food for the whole day. 
BTW, Happy New Year! I wish all your dreams come true and have a happy, prosperous, beautiful, wonderful, peaceful, meaningful, grateful, magical, glowing and healthy wealthy life!
Okay, back to me.. After going through other blogs, I realized I too have something to talk about New Year plans. Bear me.. Here I go!
What happened? #2011 Travelled to India and spent time with family #shortandsweetmemoriesI have gone through my visa interview and carrying it for 3more years #achievementFought with friends (literally!)Had bad time being alone #lonelinesssucksHad good, bad, sweet, bitter experiences #lifele…