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Home Alone!

Did you all watch this movie? If not, you should go, watch it right away.

It's the story of a cute and funny kid who is mistakenly left all alone by his family who goes on a christmas vacation. He is happy about this and tries to be the king of his home. And how he tried to play tricks and escape from the robbers. This same thing happened to me now. Not that I am cute and funny kid or my family left on a trip or I am happy to conquer my house room or I am attacked by burglers. Its just no more roomie for sometime. No, I didnt scare her yet. She is off temporarily.

Poor me! I love watching thrilling, horror, exciting, suspense kind-of movies. I never back off to watch them in the day. But at the end of the day (read: night), I would totally hate them. Reason? I am alone! I am scared!

I assured myself when my roomie left to India, that I still have a flat mate in another room who is daring and dashing and is not scared at all. But my intuitions are never wrong!

From the first day till now (almost 20days), I have been sleeping with the lights on. I close my eyes and every horror/thriller movie I watched flashes before my eyes. I find hard to open my eyes. And finally I open just to hear all the weirdest of the sounds. The wind outside knocks the windows, the door moves when the heater goes high and low, sounds from kitchen ventilator, sounds from the washroom if anyone in that column of the apartment uses their's and what not! Apart from all these, suddenly a cop car/ambulance rushes on that silent road. Don't know what people do in the mid of the night that needs an ambulance. I can hear almost all the can't-be-heard-by-human-ear sounds. Literally I am sleeping like a dog!

At 2AM or 3AM (whatever), I don't mind calling my friends and describing the horror show of the night. They are sweet enough to make me comfy and play all my favorite songs on phone for 2hours to make me sleep (poor people how long can they bear me!). And one such night I dreamt about snakes (the creatures I am most scared of) and woke up suddenly with a sprained back. So had to take off from work *dancing* Believe me the pain was really bad! *battling eyelashes*

Poor roomie.. she has to be home alone for a month when we all leave to India. Well, she is going to be used to it like I did. Did I use a lot of poor's in this post? Sorry, poor people :P

As no more roomie, no more photo-shoots :( So I am posting pictures from past.

This is something I wore for a trip in summer.

Showing how fast I can drive a boat :P

Top: NewYork & Company
Shorts: Aeropostale
Neck piece: Forever 21
Earrings: Local shop

Hope you all are having a fun-filled Pongal/Makara Sankranthi/Lohri vacation. Happy festival!


  1. A nice post about being all alone! Good description and some equally nice pictures of your enjoyable trip!

  2. I have never faced such situation but your account sounds scary.... I loved those shorts :)

  3. Sleeping alone is indeed difficult. A dark night is a bad companion. Dreams are better!!

  4. I too live alone here (and staying abroad and alone is no joke)

    Last night I saw some stupid film and it gave me creeps

  5. I've never stayed alone! Always had someone or the other with me!
    Cute outfit!


  6. Cute post! Staying home alone can be so much fun <3
    Are you studying?


  7. I just can't sleep alone...there has to be someone besides me! Its scary to be alone.

    Nice pics btw! :) I miss summer here so much.

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  9. Watch "Psych" TV series to cheer up urself.. it's very very funny. :)

  10. Oh man! I feel your pain. I live alone 4 days a week and have trouble sleeping. I check everything from the shower curtains to the closets twice to make sure an axe murderer isn't hiding there.

    I love Home Alone. It's such a classic.

  11. nice blog dear can we follow each other..?


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