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Duly updates..

its been a while i m here.. wantd 2 write so many things so many times.. but really dint get time.. :( i have been busily bsy these days.. it was few days when i got sum free time during christmas.. thats it.. then started my bsy schedule..

i had to travel to india for my visa renewal.. so started my shopping frm new yr.. i wish i wil do the same for whole yr :) i shopped little but i m improved.. i shopped for my kiddo, sisters n little mor.. btw, hpy new yr 2 evry1.. thn i travelled to india in first week..

i was in too much for my interview as they are rejecting visas vry easily these days.. i wished i m in the USA again.. n the first few days i spent worrying about my visa.. but luckily n happily got my visa.. :) i still remem the day i went for visa with my dad.. we started to office early in the morning around 7.. that day it was damn chilling n my dad covering himself with my sweater unable to bear the cold.. :) i logged into office around 7:45 n asked my dad to hav his brkfas…