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Duly updates..

its been a while i m here.. wantd 2 write so many things so many times.. but really dint get time.. :( i have been busily bsy these days.. it was few days when i got sum free time during christmas.. thats it.. then started my bsy schedule..

i had to travel to india for my visa renewal.. so started my shopping frm new yr.. i wish i wil do the same for whole yr :) i shopped little but i m improved.. i shopped for my kiddo, sisters n little mor.. btw, hpy new yr 2 evry1.. thn i travelled to india in first week..

i was in too much for my interview as they are rejecting visas vry easily these days.. i wished i m in the USA again.. n the first few days i spent worrying about my visa.. but luckily n happily got my visa.. :) i still remem the day i went for visa with my dad.. we started to office early in the morning around 7.. that day it was damn chilling n my dad covering himself with my sweater unable to bear the cold.. :) i logged into office around 7:45 n asked my dad to hav his brkfast.. tht time i was like feeling dads leaving kids to their skool.. :( everything went on well n i came out n searching for my dad.. i cud see the real tension on my dad's face same like the one i had before interview.. i reached him hurrily n he was damn eager 2 knw my result.. n then here he goes.. all xcited whn i told that my visa is approved.. i cud see all the happies on his face.. congratulating me, asking me so many questions n calling evryone n telling the same story again n again.. thn i asked my dad if he had his brkfast as it was late for him 2 hav.. then he said "noo, hw can i hav? i was tensed bout u as i saw few ppl coming out with crying faces for their rejections after u went in.. i dint feel to eat".. he is such a sweet dad.. then we had heavy brkfast n started 2 home.. he wanted to go in private bus.. so boarded bus which will take around 1hr to reach home.. we talked fun some time.. then he started sleeping like a kiddo.. such a lovely day it was.. sometimes spending time with parents make u feel so gud n proud 2 make thm hpy.. i luv my dad the most..

i spent pongal with family this time.. not much of hungama.. but everyone at home.. so happies..

i returned to Texas in 10days.. it was short but kind of satisfied trip.. :) i was completely fine till i reached here.. then started my another struggle.. homesick.. for the first time, i started feeling vry homesick.. dnt knw.. was thinking bout my dad n mom.. i got to spend sumtime with my parents so was kind of missing thm.. but kuch pane ke liye kuch khona tho padega.. so no worries.. i can talk to them.. laugh with them n spend time with thm on fone..n evrything.. technology the best.. :)

n also i have frens to make me normal.. i never was so much way frm my home.. i never lived in hostels for a long time.. n even my parents never let me live away from family.. everytime i go away from home, they will make me settle with my sisters or relatives so never got a chance to live alone.. but the only reason i could stay away from every1 is my frens.. i will not miss home if they r with me.. after all.. frens r after family.. luv u guys..

nw i m completely bak 2 normal.. no worries.. no homesick n no jetlag too.. thts it for nw.. hpy 2 b here again wit al my feelings.. :) signing off..


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