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Summer Vacation and Tips

This time its Orlando!!! That was a quick plan we made for this long weekend and it worked so fine.  We went to Sea World, Disney Land and Island of Adventures. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Everything has got its own significance. This is the first time I have seen such a place and all those crazy rides. I want to write a whole post about this trip and this time I promise. I know I have been missing all these kind of posts every time after I tell you. But this vacation..

It was a hectic vacation of sorts. We had to walk a lot in the scorching sun (who said its never hot in the US?) at this time of the year, stand in those loonnnggg queues, get all tired and sleep for just 4-5hours. Not all vacations can be relaxing you know. My body was totally dehydrated. I would love to give these tips or suggestions for anyone making out summer vacations.

Dress for the day. Check out the weather and make sure you carry the right outfits. I thought I wore a summer dress but I had to change to shorts for co…

When confused making Decisions, take Risks!

Life is never smooth. Period. If you thought so.

I was always scared of this fact half of my life and never wanted to disturb it. Whatever or wherever it goes, I had let it be. I enjoyed whatever good comes my way and disappointed about the bad things. Deciding about something good or bad was never in the dictionary. Taking or making decisions was never my part.
Well, life teaches you all the important lessons at some point. It teaches you to live by yourself, individuality, independency.. all make same sense? Alright.. life also teaches making decisions, taking risks. Then that is the real phase of living life. It makes you happier. It makes you proud. It makes you achieve goals.

My life was all smooth till I was provided with choices.. not 1 or 2.. many. I wasn't sure how my decision is going to impact my life. I meant my daily life. I literally spent some days to make a decision. But still couldn't come up with a reason for deciding on one.

I WANTED to take risk. This migh…

European Vacation

Off late, I have been to Europe.. for the first time.. for my summer vacation. Never ever even dreamt that I would go to an international destination for vacations. 2012 turned to be good. I visited London, now Europe and I know I have many more countries waiting for me. *UK (London) and Europe are not same. They are totally different and need different visas too.*

After having all the drama of applying for visa, only later we realised that I got it for short time. Never mind I wanted to take only a short break from work but had to spend time visiting consulate, submitting documents and get it done. The visas are made so strict now that they are issuing only for the duration of the trip which means if you want to re-visit, you will have to re-apply the visa. I know, it isn't fair! I wanted to take multiple breaks to Europe this year :(

Now coming to the actual trip, I visited Norway and Latvia. These are small, nice and pleasant countries. Both the places that I visited in these …