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Spring'y Europe

The only season I know of Europe is winter. Moving from the hottest region (Texas) in America to the coldest region in Europe, I felt it more cold than usual. But now I feel much better. Much accustomed to the weather. Spring and summers are the best times here we wait for.

This outfit was worn in Riga, a place in Latvia, Europe. In-spite of the weather being dull, I hate people who prefer wearing dull clothes. They wear black, brown, grey, bluish (almost black) clothes and walk on those dark roads. And you never know whom you are going to hit on a bad day. Otherwise, Europe is a rather beautiful and scenic than the US, I must say!

When the black and white weather decided to be bright and sunny one morning, everything seemed to be fresh and welcoming. And I decided to be little more colorful. It's a cute summer dress which I had to damage manage with leggings and a jacket coz of the weather.