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Taaggeeddd!! :))

long long ago.. so long ago.. i was tagged by Divya - an occasional but fantastic blogger.. :) here it goes..

Shows I like to watch
The moment of truth
Mind ur language
Cris Angels - mind freak
Mr. Bean
Small Wonder
Lizzie Mc Guire

8 things I look forward to - i have so many but wil try to make thm to 8
visit NY with frens
stay some more time in the US of A :)
shop more whn i m here
get a PL (personal lappy) - cannot browse evrything on office one :(
get a DSLR - loving fotografy these days
get a superrrr fone with low cost - costly fones make my dad angry :(
get a better job n a better pay
see my family hpy as always

8 things that happened yesterday - hhmmm...
long drive with frens
watched Alice in wonderland
tried ____ sandwich for 1st tym..
had choc shake aftr a long time
went to the world's 2nd largest casino - played some slots game.. nice one..  it makes u tempted 2 play mor
had a gr8 foto session thr
as usual some window shopping
had gr8 tym 2gthr (V, …

Yaayyy.. Awarded!!! \:D/

i m vry hpy 2 post this here.. i m awarded for the first time.. :)) by the sweet chocolate lover - a sweet poet.. yippiee!! luv u dear.. >:D<

n now i want 2 award this to my first blogger fren.. Mr. Hemu - Hemanth Potluri :) *claps*.. he is an amazing blogger with his sweet short posts.. n a vry gud acrostic writer.. keep writing Hemu.. :)