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Arkansas Photography

In summer, we were on a trip to Arkansas, state located in southern region of USA for 3days. It was a great start of 7hours drive in the early morning. We have done a lot of new things there. Biking, Trekking, Kayaking, Boating and most fun long drives and photo shoots in those forests. I loved the Kayak and Boat so much. I say, you should give a try. Kayak is soo fun! Waah, totally it was an awesome trip. 
Here is little from my experiments.

The 'Always' Happy Feet

Hide and Smile (Like Hide and Seek) :)

I somehow liked the pinkish shades at the ends.

Devotional Colors

I still remember how much I loved the color Pink when I was a kid.

P.S: These are basic shots and few more to come.
Thanks Giving is here and we are all set to shop and food. First time ever I am going to an American's ThanksGiving dinner tonight. And shopping, I controlled my budget to shop now and for Christmas. Yay, I have to shop for my visit to India too! *excited*

P.P.S: I drastically shifted from iOS…

Baby Showers

Recently, one of my colleagues invited me for her daughter's baby shower. I would for sure wear some fancy salwar or saree for Indians. But I don't have any clue about American baby showers. What they wear, what they do and what I need to gift. After scanning my closet for half an hour, this is what I came up with. I am comfortable in skirts and they are my all time favourites. Or may be I had to chose this to match with my new favourite shoes *shying* And I could come up with a nice gift too - Baby bath bed.

The fun part of their baby shower is the games. One of them is something like this - they would give us some choclates, ask us to smell and write the name. Sounds nothing, eh? They keep the choclates paste in diapers. When we opened the diaper, the choclate looked like a paste and imagine they asking us to smell it. Everyone felt yuck before they started smelling it a number of times to figure out the name. But after all its a game. My colleague even tried to taste it :…

Boisterous Bowling!

What do you do on a weekend which is totally lazy and boring, no more good movies to watch, interrupting weather to make a plan (which will obviously fail) but all your friends are completely available? Go for Bowling!

Bowling is a fun place to hang out with a bunch of friends. It drains out all your laziness and gives you that game spirit. It is a physical exercise too. The bowling room was with teens, kids playing, clapping and shouting for each strike. This atmosphere makes me to play more. We decided to play a kind-of-strict game and divided our names on 2scoreboards. I searched for the lightest-weight ball. Usually noone prefers light weight (which may go with bad accuracy) unless they are slim, thin, can't-even-carry-the-next-heavy-ball types like me. I've seen kids playing it so well and easily. For me, there are many times when the ball lands up nowhere but straight into the gutter.

I enquired, learnt, practiced and implemented few bowling styles/techniques and yeah t…

Diwali Disaster and Ra One!

No, my Diwali wasn't a disaster coz of Ra One. Its just another random title!

They say Diwali is a festival which makes you peaceful over evil by burning/bursting out evil and getting good. My mom would force me to light atleast a candle to throw out all the evil from me :) If this is true, don't we like to celebrate it daily? I don't believe in all this. If I want to have some peace, I make it right away at the moment. I don't wait for that RIGHT time. For me, the right time is right here! And yes! I love celebrating Diwali.

This is the second year in a row we couldn't celebrate Diwali here. I still remember last year spending dussera and diwali completely at temples as I was new to this place and no other chance except visiting temples with families I know. And this year, not that my connection with God is decreased but wasn't so much attracted to temples. We just planned to go to office in Indian attire, visit temple, see the fire works and have some good fo…