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Baby Showers

Recently, one of my colleagues invited me for her daughter's baby shower. I would for sure wear some fancy salwar or saree for Indians. But I don't have any clue about American baby showers. What they wear, what they do and what I need to gift. After scanning my closet for half an hour, this is what I came up with. I am comfortable in skirts and they are my all time favourites. Or may be I had to chose this to match with my new favourite shoes *shying* And I could come up with a nice gift too - Baby bath bed.

The fun part of their baby shower is the games. One of them is something like this - they would give us some choclates, ask us to smell and write the name. Sounds nothing, eh? They keep the choclates paste in diapers. When we opened the diaper, the choclate looked like a paste and imagine they asking us to smell it. Everyone felt yuck before they started smelling it a number of times to figure out the name. But after all its a game. My colleague even tried to taste it :D So, next time you have a baby shower, you can try this game. *Applicable to Indian baby showers also :)

** Dress of the day **

When you are bad at posing, this is what happens..

What happens when you go to Chinki's beauty parlour? They make you look like them and you can raise your brows as high as mine..

Finally on the ramp :)

Top: Express
Skirt: The Limited?
Shoes: Macy's
Earrings: NYC
Watch: Fossil

P.S: Coming up is my photography post. Would love some feedback. Do visit next week! :)


  1. You look lovely! Love the outfit


  2. You are looking Gorgeous! :D

    The eyebrow pic was awesome o: XD

    And, about the guest post? Haha, I'd love to but I don't know if I am that good. (:

  3. @Rahul Bhatia, Thank you! :)

    @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue, Thanks!

    @Megha Sarin, Thanks!

    @Chocolate Lover, Thanks dear!
    I will email about the guest post. I know you are good :)

  4. My god-that's some game...and I never realized that chocolates smell differently till now!:-)

  5. Ayyio....diaper and chocolate :-D:-D:-D girl i love love your outfit. the heels are totally awesome...and top <3<3<3<3<3am not a skirts pull it off so well....

  6. Baby showers are fun. But I try and avoid them as much as I can because people inevitably ask me when I plan to have a kid!!! Annoying to say the least! Cute skirt!

  7. @Suruchi, They do smell differently no?

    @TheBluntBlogger, Thank youu! :D

    @Gayatri, I avoid weddings.. Thanks! :)

    @Srikiran, Thanks!

  8. Hey pretty pretty pretty!!!!
    Loved the top soo effing much!

  9. ok seriously..I've never heard of that game... but it sounds fun. are we talking regular 'easily identifiable' chocolates ?

  10. @Red Handed, Thank you :D

    @Dr Roshan R, Yes, they are the real easily identifiable ones like hersheys, bounty, kisses etc

  11. it sounded yeeek game....
    U look the best in this blog (pics) compared to recent uploads...


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