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Boisterous Bowling!

 What do you do on a weekend which is totally lazy and boring, no more good movies to watch, interrupting weather to make a plan (which will obviously fail) but all your friends are completely available? Go for Bowling!

Bowling is a fun place to hang out with a bunch of friends. It drains out all your laziness and gives you that game spirit. It is a physical exercise too. The bowling room was with teens, kids playing, clapping and shouting for each strike. This atmosphere makes me to play more. We decided to play a kind-of-strict game and divided our names on 2scoreboards. I searched for the lightest-weight ball. Usually noone prefers light weight (which may go with bad accuracy) unless they are slim, thin, can't-even-carry-the-next-heavy-ball types like me. I've seen kids playing it so well and easily. For me, there are many times when the ball lands up nowhere but straight into the gutter.

I enquired, learnt, practiced and implemented few bowling styles/techniques and yeah they worked! I was the first in my group. Yayy!! My previous pratice sessions dint go in vain. For each strike, we would give high-five to each other as if its a national game. I am still feeling bad for not trying Shotput back in school. I would've used the heavy ball and made a better score :P

The fun part was seeing a guy (25+ for sure) who was bowling with left hand, running little steps (like long steps in cricket), was almost falling on his face everytime he tried to bowl. How can a guy be so bad at bowling? *wondering*

                                                          This is our alley

MIA (Me In Action) 

 Anxiously waiting to see if my bowl strikes atleast one pin.

                                         Wohooo! See my score here.. *dancing*

Yup, I'm still a kid inside. On a different note, I love bikes in US. They are heavy, huge and manly (can I say?). I wish to go for a ride and asked one of my colleagues, who is almost 50 (looks like), has a big bike and has Roadie kind of attitude. Hope he gives me a ride sometime soon. If not, I will ask someone to rent a bike and will go :P

Do you believe if I say, I'm deeply in love with my new shoes? My current obsession - Macys.

Last but not the least, nothing fun without food and drinks!

*slurp slurp* My love for Jalapenos can never die.



  1. hey yummy last clip..:)

    Ive never played this but wanna do it one day..i like this game..

    and by the way, u can watch Rockstar..

  2. Bowling is so much fun yr..

    good pictures :D

  3. So ur weekend masti continues...
    even I had to google to kw the exact meaning about the title
    Its good see some physical workout from lazy persons like u...just kidding

    First in group (83 score)...great!!! learnt so fast?
    Next time try with heavier ball it will give more accuracy
    Have never played it wannna try soon

    pics are as usual nice....

  4. @Being Pramoda, Yea you should try. Thanks, will watch soon :)

    @Sunakshi, yup, thanks! :)

    @Ganesh, Hehe, I totally agree I'm lazy :D

  5. Pria- What a sweet post... we all have a child in us which wants us to enjoy these small things like bowling, nice food, shoes , clothing... Very well written

  6. Bowling is fun! I miss my time in Mumbai. And nice pics.

  7. @Rahul Bhatia, Thank you! :)

    @Ria, Thanks!

  8. Thank you for letting me know what MIA means. I was too shy to ask people on blogosphere and too lazy to google :D

    I love nachos with cheese....and you bet bowling is hard fun.

    I wish I had one of those Hayabusa's :D

  9. @TheBluntBlogger, Oops, I think I misguided you! MIA means Missing In Action and I casually used it as something else :)

  10. I am hands down the worst bowler in the world...

    Cute shoes! Macy's is the best.

  11. @Shoaib, Thanks! :)

    @Ameena, Even I was until I practiced.. Thanks! :)

  12. Nice post. I really good one. Thank you for sharing such a nice information.


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