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Diwali Disaster and Ra One!

No, my Diwali wasn't a disaster coz of Ra One. Its just another random title!

They say Diwali is a festival which makes you peaceful over evil by burning/bursting out evil and getting good. My mom would force me to light atleast a candle to throw out all the evil from me :) If this is true, don't we like to celebrate it daily? I don't believe in all this. If I want to have some peace, I make it right away at the moment. I don't wait for that RIGHT time. For me, the right time is right here! And yes! I love celebrating Diwali.

This is the second year in a row we couldn't celebrate Diwali here. I still remember last year spending dussera and diwali completely at temples as I was new to this place and no other chance except visiting temples with families I know. And this year, not that my connection with God is decreased but wasn't so much attracted to temples. We just planned to go to office in Indian attire, visit temple, see the fire works and have some good food.

But my day started as a disaster. As soon as I logged onto FB to wish my friends, all their updates caught my attention and I started missing my family and friends. The whole day I was numb, dull and left office very early. I wanted to spend sometime all alone. The best thing I could do is sleep and rest. Unfortunately, only after reaching the temple, we realised that the fire works are done the weekend before and nothing on Diwali except some pujas. Another Diaster! :(

Oh wait! There are these few good things that happened too - dressing up for office, good indian food and the photoshoot. My roomie and I are never bored of these! :)

This is what I wore for Diwali.. Dress for the day!

My dad's favorite pose :)

Dress: India
Earrings: Forever 21 (Friend's :))
Shoes: Payless

Coming to Ra One, many people advised/suggested not to watch. But nevertheless, I watched it! (I don't believe things untill I see with my own eyes you know :P). Only after watching I understood that its lot better than the Hollywood series like Terminator. I agree SRK is looking foolish funny and they tried insulting immitating tamilians (which is not so good) showing SRK eating noodles + dahi with hand. Did you just say yuck? The much laughed joke is where Kareena says Kondom Kondom for Konjum Konjum (means little little in Tamil) :) I obviously liked the Chammak Challo song and I am still wondering why people dint like the movie (I have strange taste sometimes, never mind!).

P.S. I just received my iPhone.. yayyy!! :D


  1. Awesome....Your Charming... :)

  2. You liked that's one hell of disaster itself :P Its neither a kids movie nor for youth.
    Imagine kids asking what's condom?n teri maa ki haha my nephew does the same and i just couldn't stop my laughter :D

    Great attire btw,Lovely pictures. :)

  3. @Sunkashi, Even my friends are looking at me top to bottom several times :P
    I suggested it for few more friends and they are going to watch this weekend. Let's see their reaction ;)

  4. Firstly, you are looking good in the pics. And festivals are meant for speeding some good quality time with family and friends. Don't worry next time you ask your parents to come there and you can celebrate together.

    You liked "Ra One!"? Whats is wrong with you? :P

    Congrats on the new Phone. Welcome to apple family.

  5. @Vijendra, Yea, i kind of liked it.. its SRK and seeing his funny expressions as robot is comedy.. :)
    Thanks! I am already in the family :)

  6. Hey Pria, wow.. nice dress and nice pose re.. i too liked it..;)

    hm.. missing family on a occasion like diwali hurts more..i can understand..

    hope u enjoy ur next one..

    and the Ra-one, hmm.. i havent watched it and i wont.. i think this decision is corrent..;) haha..

  7. Ohhhh you look so pretty! :)
    Well at least the photoshoot went well right :) Its hard to be away from family.. especially during festivals..

  8. @Being Pramoda, Thank you! :)
    Ra-one, give it a try ;)

    @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue, Thank you! :)
    Ofcourse, I'm glad about the photoshoot :)

  9. Can you believe what firefox just did to me? I typed such a big comment and it crashed on me :|

    Never mind.

    So I was saying, you look pretty in the Indian attire. I miss posing with friends when I was back in Bangalore....And you know Diwali could be quiet and hopeless when celebrate in this part of the woods. Mine was very quiet....

    I am glad I was avoiding FB in festive season, else I may have cried...

    Ra-One :D I did like it in bits and pieces...and yeah the curd+noodles didn't make me happy either/

  10. @TheBluntBlogger, Thank you!
    Nice to know that someone has tastes like mine :)

  11. Before commenting let me say this "girls look great in Indian traditional stuffs" u not being an exception :-)

    Hope that u celebrate Diwali with ur family and enjoy its lights next year....

    Connection with god..what does this mean??god??

    Not a fan of SRK but Chammak Challo song is too good...

    congrats for ur iPhone but ..........(u kw it right)

    Nice pics yaar!!! Kekaa


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