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Home, Sweet Home!

Blogging not even once every month is not unusual for me. And I think I am going to continue the era this year also. Oh well, you see it already.

After excitedly waiting months to see the new little one in the family, I am home! My sister recently had a baby boy. Yay me, I am an aunt one more time. He being the first boy in the family, everyone is super excited. He is getting special attention and privileges. Everyone wants to take care of him and respond to all his restlessness expressions. He is no less either. He needs attention. He becomes restless when he can't hear us talking or giving him all those lullabies. The cute tiny fellow is keeping us busy already. I am happy for my dad. He finally could get this little friend :)

Being home is the best thing that happens every year (to me) when you are living abroad for a long time. And visiting home on special events like this makes it the best-est vacation.

Coming to the outfit details, this is something I wore for an Indian occasio…