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This is the most beautiful jellyfish I have ever seen. As beautiful as they could glow the aquariums, yet they could be the most dangerous. Which reminded me of the proverb 'Appearances are Deceptive'!
By the way, did you know that jelly fish are heartless and brainless? And then, people eat them?  Read some facts about jellyfish here.

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Hike to Månafossen: Rogaland, Norway

I didn't have much clue about hiking back in India or in USA and until I moved to Norway, where hiking, running, skiing and other adventures are the basic steps Norwegians take when they are born. To survive in a place like that and to experience the real Norway, you have to make yourself do at least try these things.

My first hiking in Norway was to Månafossen, which is the biggest waterfall of 90m and has the spectacular view in Rogaland county of Norway. It took us around 60-90minutes to drive from where we live in Stavanger. The best thing about driving in Norway is the wonderful view you get wherever you go. Its very scenic everywhere in Norway. Its full of fjords, forests and typical landscape views. 

We have been to this place in September when the weather was not cold but you need to put on your jacket. As I was not much into hiking when I moved here more than 2years ago, I always enquired about the place and the level of difficulty before doing it. This one they said, was t…


Animals are not easy to capture for a portrait and this one didn't fail to pose for me.
Ngorongoro Crater | Tanzania | Africa

Indian Dance

"Dance can be a profession, it can lead to stardom. Of course it can. But it can also be a process of meditation. It can be therapeutic. It can be a way to grapple with our own inner fears and demons. It can be a purely physical endeavour. It can be a purely mental journey. It can be a self-realisation of one’s cultural roots. It can lead to spiritual fulfillment. Indian classical dance is all this and so much more! Little wonder that even the gods danced in India. They too probably realized that it added value to their bliss in heaven!"
                                                                                                                                 - Geeta Chandran

Happy Diwali!

Is it October?? And Diwali already?? This year is definitely flying by. Its going to end in 2 months and I have got too many things to do and too little time. So nothing much to say except wishing everyone a happy and a safe Diwali! We sure are missing all the festivities in India. But making some time for gatherings with friends and having some delicious home made Indian food. You have fun people!

By the way, excuse me for the not-so-focused pictures. I too hate them but you have to live with that when you get bad photographers in your life. And when some photographer is better than having no photographer.

I am back.. with a 'Bang-Bang'!

I still remember the day I saw Hrithik on screen. Even before the release of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. I totally hated him.. for some weird typical reason. I complained about his looks and features. His eyes looked scary, his nose was different and his smile... was vampire's. And he looked like a horse to me. A Russian/Arabian breed. I kept changing channels whenever his trailer was played. But all I could land in was the trailer. All the channels played the same thing. It was such a hit poster then.
By later somehow when I saw the full poster and the movie, I have fallen for him. Totally again. I watched the movie like count less times. Those eyes.. that smile.. I wondered why I hated him so much before. Couldn't find a single reason. You should have beautiful eyes to see the beauty of a person, isn't it? I have got them a bit late.
Like every other young school going girl fan, I started to collect his posters. From paper cuttings to magazine covers to cassette prints to parker pe…

Sunset is..

.. nature's farewell kiss for the night.

Tired feet..

.. say that the path has been long.

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Hike to Dalsnuten: Stavanger, Norway

Norway is famous for hiking and summer is the best hiking season to view its sceneries. This is my trip to a small hiking destination of Stavanger called Dalsnuten, which is around 300metres above sea level and gives you a refreshing feel. Every mountain in Stavanger gives you an amazing city view. Thats the beauty of it. Tourists prefer to have this in their things-to-do list if visiting Stavanger and planning for a quick hike. 

I like how the water looks deep blue

There is this nice place at the end that they decorated and you can use it for relaxing.

Or use this natural tree bark as the seating place and have some good food.

So here I am! At the top of the mountain :)

Be Right Back.

I didn't expect Norway summer to keep me this busy. Have been having too many things on my plate. Travelling, outdoor activities, special events have become part of my everyday life. And in-between struggling with study times and new plans. This is the best summer we are having and I can feel the hottest times people in other countries might be going through.

Though I am not regular in writing, I keep a watch on reading blogs. Its really nice to see many bloggers being back to blogging. It inspired me to write one and say a quick hello. While I gather my style pictures thrown everywhere on laptop and come back with my travel updates, I leave you with these sick pictures of mine. These are from almost 2years ago when I was struggling to understand what my life in Norway is. In short, right after I have fallen sick about everything-new-around-me phase :)

Happy Mothers Day! :)

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” ~ Robert Browning

Happy Spring!

Spring is in the air.  It's the time of rebirth and inspiration.  So do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are.  The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.  Have fun and Happy Spring!

Vacation Blues

So, I just had a month-long mixed-events vacation in India. Events being - birth in the family, death in dad's family, wedding of a friend and split of another. After attending all these, I am back to reality of my life in Norway after 24hours of travel and transits. It feels stupid to travel such long time to Europe because I couldn't get a better flight in my budget. On top of that, they advanced my flight. So imagine how much fun I must have had passing transit time of over 10hours.

Taking a whole month vacation, coming back and getting settled to work is certainly not new to me. Inspite of doing it for more than 3years now, this time its kind of more home sickness that made me feel different. And then my mom cries every time I call her [moms you know!].

To get off all these emotions of the mind, I slept like a log after reaching home.. expecting to be fresh for the next day to work which turned to be little odd to me after the following sequence of incidents.

1. I woke up to …

Home, Sweet Home!

Blogging not even once every month is not unusual for me. And I think I am going to continue the era this year also. Oh well, you see it already.

After excitedly waiting months to see the new little one in the family, I am home! My sister recently had a baby boy. Yay me, I am an aunt one more time. He being the first boy in the family, everyone is super excited. He is getting special attention and privileges. Everyone wants to take care of him and respond to all his restlessness expressions. He is no less either. He needs attention. He becomes restless when he can't hear us talking or giving him all those lullabies. The cute tiny fellow is keeping us busy already. I am happy for my dad. He finally could get this little friend :)

Being home is the best thing that happens every year (to me) when you are living abroad for a long time. And visiting home on special events like this makes it the best-est vacation.

Coming to the outfit details, this is something I wore for an Indian occasio…