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I am back.. with a 'Bang-Bang'!

I still remember the day I saw Hrithik on screen. Even before the release of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. I totally hated him.. for some weird typical reason. I complained about his looks and features. His eyes looked scary, his nose was different and his smile... was vampire's. And he looked like a horse to me. A Russian/Arabian breed. I kept changing channels whenever his trailer was played. But all I could land in was the trailer. All the channels played the same thing. It was such a hit poster then.

By later somehow when I saw the full poster and the movie, I have fallen for him. Totally again. I watched the movie like count less times. Those eyes.. that smile.. I wondered why I hated him so much before. Couldn't find a single reason. You should have beautiful eyes to see the beauty of a person, isn't it? I have got them a bit late.

Like every other young school going girl fan, I started to collect his posters. From paper cuttings to magazine covers to cassette prints to parker pen holders to room length posters. Yeah madness of a kind. And like every other responsible father, my dad didn't like all this. He switched off the TV if he saw Hrithik in one channel. He tried his hard to make me avoid all this craziness. But then I felt he was just jealous ;) And I still think he was ;) 

From then on there isn't a single movie or instance that I didn't like of his. I watched all his movies, listened to all his songs and read all his biography. There doesn't exist a flop Hrithik movie to me. Infact I liked all his movies including Fiza, Mission Kashmir and Mein Prem ki Diwaani Hoon. I was admiring Hrithik while everyone else was abusing Kareena. Basically I watch movies for him and not for story, direction and blah blah. But this madness slowly faded as I grew up and became wise(?). 

Coming back to the movie thing.. it's been a while I watched a good movie in cinema. Being abroad (especially in Norway), I rarely get a chance to watch a Bollywood movie. We didn't expect Bang-Bang to be released in our city. But it did. And I went back to my good old days of watching his movies on time. The story line isn't much to be talked about. I liked Dhoom 2 better. It is an action thriller story that evolves around Hrithik stealing the Kohinoor diamond from British museum and trying to reach it to a most wanted terrorist for money while falling in love with Katrina who gets to know at the end that Hrithik is not a thief but a government officer whose brother has been killed by the terrorist and who hasn't really stolen the diamond. That's the story in one line.

After he has gone through all the ruckus in his life of having brain surgery and divorce, I was expecting Hrithik to be not so great in this movie. I was expecting him to be like all those long lost actresses who make a sudden come back after their happily married lives. But man! What is he! He looked just perfect. I sat there with my mouth wide open and amazed at how a 40years old person can still do those moves so easily. He upgraded his packs from 6 to 8. Thats going to be a challenge for guys now. And Katrina.. not bad at all. She has been improving in her last few films and proved it again. I liked all the songs. But I felt they are all copied from various movies just with a slight different music. 

So here is a movie that should be in the must watch list for Hrithik who is back with a bang and who made me to be back to my blog with this bang-bang.
My rating is 4.5/5. 4 for Hrithik and .5 for Katrina. Justice done! :)


  1. Ha ha nice to see one more Hrithik fan! Nice one Pria after a long time good to see you back!


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