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You don't find time, you make time.

[With my favorite aunt for she gifts us a lot]
Aunt: Hi
Me: Hey aunt, how have you been?
Aunt: I'm fine. How are you?
Me: I'm fine too aunt. It's going great! *Life was much exciting then*
Aunt: What are you up to?

*Me trying to skip her next question* [She is the principal of a school and is as strict with us as with her students. However, she is fair and good to be an aunt.]
There comes her next unexpected question.

Aunt: Where have you been these days? Haven't been home in a long time.
Me: Ac.. tually I have been really BUSY.
Aunt: *giving me that strict-principal-look already*
Me: Actually been busy with work these days.
Aunt: *still with the same strict-principal-look* Hhmm.. people who say busy are those who think they are busy. But they are just busy thinking that they are busy.
Me: *confused look* *Trying to arrange all the busy words correctly in her dialogue* Oh well!! @#$%^&*

Are you also confused like me? Then read it again. It does make sense.

And now…