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Who doesn't like surprises?

I am so so happy!!! Happy for surprising me who likes surprising others. *dancing*

Didn't understand? Read on.
I am always a kind of person who likes to surprise people, in any way. A sudden visit to home, wrong calls to friends, gifts to my niece, online shopping to special ones and so on. 
This thing started from my dad when he returned home from his business trip. I still remember those days when I was a little kid (1st or 2nd class?) and when my dad left to Mumbai on his business trip. As the little girl of my dad, I cried, cried and cried again till he returned. My mom always consoled me that he would come back soon with my gifts. I never bothered. 
One pleasant early morning, I couldn't believe my eyes seeing my dad at the door. For a moment I thought that was a dream and started to cry in sleep. That was the first surprise I remember as a kid. He also surprised me with a water bottle in the shape of colgate paste. I loved it. I took that to school and announced it to everyo…