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Night @ China Town, NY

I clicked this whn i went to NY with my fren.. this is @ China Town whr u cn c chinkis n chinkus mostly :) this area is dedicated to thm.. i just tuk this shot casually n it came out nice.. nt sure if u guys liked it.. but i liked :) do comment if u like.. thnx fr stopping by..

My Second Onsite :)

I m glad n hpy to share wit u al tht i m again in the US of A.. :) yeah!! i got an onsite opportunity again to wrk for a different client, Chevron.. this tym i m in Houston, Texas.. came here 2weeks bak n got enuf tym nw 2 write bout it.. gud tht i landed safey without any problem like tht skin allergy i had last time.. got into Qatar airways this time.. i felt Qatar is bettr thn Emirates.. the seating is spacious.. flight was gud n kool.. forgot 2 tel u guys.. i was down wit viral fever fr a week b4 cmng here.. so had 2 travel a week late.. was vry much tired coz of fever n shopping.. so had a gud n tight sleep on the flight.. watched 2movies.. Babe, I Love You n Miss You Like Crazy.. both r ok kind of tym pass movies.. this time i had veg meals :( my tongue cud nt taste it at al.. non-veg goes wel wit me :P one of my frens came 2 pick me up frm airport.. met her aftr 2yrs.. it was grt seeing her.. we went 2 hotel.. chkd-in.. went out fr dinner n thn 2 wall mart, my fav place :) i fe…

THE Innocent

The kiddo i luv da most :)

P.S: Picture taken by Pria with her DSLR.. :)