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Christmas Holidays..

i always wanted to be in the US for the christmas eve.. i felt lucky to be here this yr.. dnt knw but i m sumhow attached to this festival.. even in India i luv visiting churches, my frens place to see their decorations, christmas tree n al.. so i thot i wud hav a grt tym here, may not b wit my frens (as dint plan fr any trips this time) but atleast wit ppl around.. but evrything was quite opposite..

i cud feel the smell of christmas here aftr thanks giving.. as this is the only festival they make here, they all look excited the whole month till the next yr.. all my colleagues made their plans n eagerly waiting fr their trips.. i had to work the whole week as i was the only stand-in left for all of them.. i cud see all busy in getting gifts for loved ones.. my office was decorated aftr thanks giving n it was luking so colorful n pleasant like this.. these r frm my SLR.. i loved these shots..

i clicked these pictures before christmas, the last day when i was all alone in office n also …

Hpy BDay 2 ME.. :(

hi bloggers.. hw r u al.. its been a long long long time i am back to blogging.. so lazy i am!! n u knw wht.. i forgot 2 wish my bloggie on her bday.. yeah.. it was on dec 6th.. n dint evn feel so tht i cud cross 1yr so easily.. n still i m the same bad blogger.. insulting my bloggie.. :( atleast nw i thot it wud b grt 2 make her hpy wishing her blated.. so here i go..

hpy bday 2 my sweet n short bloggie.. i wish u make mor bdays like this n make Pria improve in her blogging :) i m nt so much into the way of writing blogs.. but i always want to put all my feelings, bad or good, hpy or sorrow, on paper n i do it here.. i feel so hpy putting evrything here n getting 2 knw tht ppl actually read my blogs n respond too.. luv ya al for tht.. i feel i share few feelings as others.. n yeah we al r alike in sum way or the othr..
life is unusual these days for me.. exciting but feeling i m lifting so many heavy things on my head which r actually nt needed.. but stil u knw human tendency.. "…

Brk tym!!

hi bloggers.. hw r u al?? al bsy wit wrk, family, festivals?? i knw u guys hav got so many festives these days.. i m msng thm.. fud in particular.. msng al festival fuds.. :( gud thing is i m njoying lyf in Texas.. so far so gud.. :) wrk is also kool for nw.. but not getting much time to blog.. sry for tht.. cud not comment on ur blogs for a long tym.. but i m trying to go thru al ur blogs n i cud see ppl flowing wit poetry.. i dnt undrstand poetry much but i luv reading thm.. :) keep blogging ppl..

i m cooking thesse days for myself n learning ofcourse :P recently prepared capsicum and tomato n it came out vry well..

not only luk.. taste was also gud.. believe me!! :)

cooking is always fun i can say.. i neva cook whn i m @ home.. ofcourse i m the Queen thr.. but here u SHUD do ur things.. no othr way!! :)

I am hoping 2 hav a grt week ahead.. thnx giving week is almost here n i m planning 2 go Connecticut, meet my frens.. msng thm so much these days.. had a grt tym wit thm whn i was…

Happy Diwali..

hpy Diwali 2 all.. wish u lots n lots of fun wit crackers, sweets, family, frens.. blast out ur diwali.. dnt think to stop polluting the environment n al.. dnt bothr ppl saying stop polluting n start saving.. thr r so many othr ways 2 save earth.. if u agree wit thm, they wil soon ask us 2 stop driving.. so hav fun n an audible diwali.. :) n do take care.. luv.. Pria :)

P.S: Picture by Pria's SLR :)

Night @ China Town, NY

I clicked this whn i went to NY with my fren.. this is @ China Town whr u cn c chinkis n chinkus mostly :) this area is dedicated to thm.. i just tuk this shot casually n it came out nice.. nt sure if u guys liked it.. but i liked :) do comment if u like.. thnx fr stopping by..

My Second Onsite :)

I m glad n hpy to share wit u al tht i m again in the US of A.. :) yeah!! i got an onsite opportunity again to wrk for a different client, Chevron.. this tym i m in Houston, Texas.. came here 2weeks bak n got enuf tym nw 2 write bout it.. gud tht i landed safey without any problem like tht skin allergy i had last time.. got into Qatar airways this time.. i felt Qatar is bettr thn Emirates.. the seating is spacious.. flight was gud n kool.. forgot 2 tel u guys.. i was down wit viral fever fr a week b4 cmng here.. so had 2 travel a week late.. was vry much tired coz of fever n shopping.. so had a gud n tight sleep on the flight.. watched 2movies.. Babe, I Love You n Miss You Like Crazy.. both r ok kind of tym pass movies.. this time i had veg meals :( my tongue cud nt taste it at al.. non-veg goes wel wit me :P one of my frens came 2 pick me up frm airport.. met her aftr 2yrs.. it was grt seeing her.. we went 2 hotel.. chkd-in.. went out fr dinner n thn 2 wall mart, my fav place :) i fe…

THE Innocent

The kiddo i luv da most :)

P.S: Picture taken by Pria with her DSLR.. :)

Ageless Love..

Captured this pik when I was on the ferry to 'Statue of Liberty'.. cud not stop clicking them.. lovely couple!! they were having grt company..

Truth Hurts - Wake Up Call!

We all celebrated our Ganesh chathurdhi with so much fun, devotion & love towards god.. but it is painful to see that we trash the same god.. an email i received and thot it would be worth sharing.. 

this is the situation we see after 11days of the festival..
Is this.. IDOL worship ? IDLE worship ? or IDEAL worship ? 
The Day after .. Would you like your Gods bulldozed like garbage? or dumped like this? and treated like this ??

Ganapati Bappa Moriya!!!

hi guys.. happy Ganesh Chathurdhi n Ramadan.. hope u all had gr8 festivals.. i knw it will b fun making puja, reading out mantras n story of ganesh jhi, having lots n lots of sweets, watching movies n all.. my mom sometimes used to make me read out the story.. n it was all a fun coz we were never been able to read properly coz its in our mother tongue n it wud be like some tongue twister.. :) this time i gave chance to my cousin.. i still remember whn we were kids, we used to go around our colony 2 see all the statues n collect prasadams.. :) it was really fun.. missing those days.. :( heres our today's ganesh jhi.. :)

n also Eid Mubharak 2 all..had lots of Haleem this time.. yummmyyyy!!! :)

It waz not my day...

fortunately or unfortunately, Pria was born on August 27th, 1985.. frm then on she is so much xcited 2 celebrate her bday with her loved ones always.. but august 27th, 2010.. that was her worst bday is all I can say.. for the first time she was all alone.. cud nt be wit her family coz of work.. cud nt meet frens as she waz nt intrstd.. so slept @ around 11:45 the previous night.. family forgot 2 wish her.. :( got few calls.. no cake.. no wishes.. no late night.. had a pleasant sleep aftr sum gud conversations wit frens.. woke up @ around 10:30 which is near 2 mid-day.. half day gone.. got ready 2 off.. no brkfast.. waited for a fren til aftrnoon which made her more mad.. clicked few pictures with timer til tht stupid fren reached her place.. skipped office.. went out for lunch.. roamed around a mall.. got 2 knw tht my this stupid luncheon fren met wit an accident in this hurry.. damn tht was nt the right day for accident.. wished tht shud hav hpnd on some other day!! nevr mind.. fren …

I am hurt....

yeah!! i mean it!! i m hurt.. the biggest weakness in me is i care for ppl so much than required.. n this is the result i get.. i dnt expect anything frm thm.. but dnt knw y they do it.. they knw tht i'l b hurt of this.. they knw tht i m already in pain.. they knw wht my current situation is.. but still.. dnt they undrstand me?? am i so bad?? am i not caring fr thm?? a simple word can create so much pain.. they shud nt hav made fun of me tht way.. it really hurts!! i neva do this 2 any1.. whnevr we hav any fights, we come togethr again coz we r real frens.. so thot they wud undrstand my feelings n b wit me.. i shared my personal things coz they r close 2 me.. but hw can they make of fun of tht nw?? did i evr do tht?? do they think tht i wil go bak to thm?? no, not this tym atleast.. n told thm the same.. "i m nt gng to come bak.. do whtevr u want".. i felt bad whn saying this.. but i dnt knw.. i just said.. may b they wil b hurt or mad or angry on me.. but i m nt bother…

Cell Fones.. Ring Tones..

came across this poster recently.. well its tru n funny.. so sharing wit u.. :)


The third person is always 'THE ONE' who destroys a relationship.. Neva mind.. SHIT THEM OFFFF!!!


after some kind of research n nquiries, booked my bike finally.. loved its luks n specs.. gng 2 get it sooonnn.. n i m xcited 2 hav fun driving it.. :)

Drive Safe!!!

I am not in a hurry to leave life.. so i try to drive safe.. :)
yeah!! i feel like this when i see ppl flowing fast with the traffic.. as if they are running to see someone whos on ventilator or self taking the last breath.. 

even i love driving alot.. but i believe it shud nt be dangerous to others.. i go mad when i see guys speeding up with gals.. we knw tht u can drive faster.. u need nt showcase tht to us.. :) n nw its more dangerous in rainy season.. plz take care of urselves n others too.. 
few tips or rules to be followed at the minimum:
1. drive @ 50 (for girls, ofcourse) and guys can go till 60 - overspeeding can be a confusion at final moment
2. never over-take heavy vehicles - overtaking can be a risk at many times
3. never forget to use signal lights - they r provided to be used
4. should learn using brakes rather than the actual driving
5. follow traffic lights - you never know others might get inspired from you and start following
6. last but not the least- never forget to wear y…

Trying 2 b bak..

hi frens.. hw r u al?? hope evrything is gng gud wit u guys.. health wise n wealth wise.. but i m nt well :( yeah i fell sick aftr cmng frm the US.. just recovered frm cold, throat infection n fever.. well i cud get out off the jet lag easily.. but bcame vry weak coz of this sickness.. anyways aprt frm tht.. life is as usual confusing.. trying 2 undrstand whts hpning wit me.. missing my frens alot at the US.. we fantastic 5 had a gr8 tym 2gethr.. missing evrything nw.. :( wanna go bak.. gng 2 office frm last week.. its vry boring.. most of the things r changed in off.. every 1 is new nw.. n forgot 2 tel u guys.. as my wish got my DSLR finally.. its canon 1000D.. need to chk it out mor.. nt getting tym.. wil post its piks soon.. nnn.. summer i think is ending.. so i m able 2 sustain the weathr here.. hope i wil nt suffer any mor diseases.. u guys also take care of urselves.. sry if i cud nt post comments on ur blogs.. but wil try to do whn i m completely well.. take care.. tata..

P.S: …

Long Time.. No See..!! :(

Its been a long time i came here.. was not so seriously buzy.. but yes kind of.. was buzy in spending time wit frens.. i loved to spend so much time with frens.. had a gr8 time wit my buddies.. was never bored at all :).. i had so many things to blog but dint get time.. nevertheless i m trying to do it nw.. the last time i visited blogs n it crashed my computer with virus.. so after then dint dare to spend time on this.. but i wanna be bak.. wanna read n write blogs.. wanna share so many things with u guys.. about the most happenings of my life.. :) my US trip finally ended.. n i m bak nw just 2day.. so feeling tired n hope 2 b ON here frm tmrw.. til then take care.. :)

Taaggeeddd!! :))

long long ago.. so long ago.. i was tagged by Divya - an occasional but fantastic blogger.. :) here it goes..

Shows I like to watch
The moment of truth
Mind ur language
Cris Angels - mind freak
Mr. Bean
Small Wonder
Lizzie Mc Guire

8 things I look forward to - i have so many but wil try to make thm to 8
visit NY with frens
stay some more time in the US of A :)
shop more whn i m here
get a PL (personal lappy) - cannot browse evrything on office one :(
get a DSLR - loving fotografy these days
get a superrrr fone with low cost - costly fones make my dad angry :(
get a better job n a better pay
see my family hpy as always

8 things that happened yesterday - hhmmm...
long drive with frens
watched Alice in wonderland
tried ____ sandwich for 1st tym..
had choc shake aftr a long time
went to the world's 2nd largest casino - played some slots game.. nice one..  it makes u tempted 2 play mor
had a gr8 foto session thr
as usual some window shopping
had gr8 tym 2gthr (V, …

Yaayyy.. Awarded!!! \:D/

i m vry hpy 2 post this here.. i m awarded for the first time.. :)) by the sweet chocolate lover - a sweet poet.. yippiee!! luv u dear.. >:D<

n now i want 2 award this to my first blogger fren.. Mr. Hemu - Hemanth Potluri :) *claps*.. he is an amazing blogger with his sweet short posts.. n a vry gud acrostic writer.. keep writing Hemu.. :)

Holi aayi re.. \:D/

May god gift all the colors of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of luv & all other colors u want to paint in ur life.

Skiing waz AW-SUM.. :))

V went for skiing last weekend but cud nt post bout it.. bit buzy the whole week.. i spent the whole last weeknd at skiing only.. it was really really aweessoommee.. :) i spent my valentines day thr at New Hampshire.. nt with my loved ones bt wit my relatives.. :) we startd frm here on sat morning.. the way to NHS is really too gud n scenic.. a want-to-visit place for those who love fotografy.. its a fabulous place for clicking scenic pictures.. we reached in nearly 3hrs to my relatives place.. had a gud lunch n thn again started to skiing mountains.. they r the LOON mountains.. we reached at almost 3 bt the skiing wud b thr only til 4.. so we did nt go fr skiing tht day..:( frm thr we went fr site seeing.. to WHITE Mountains.. i waz so much xcited seeing this place.. i did nt feel coming back.. wanted to play thr sometime.. really gr8 views.. :)

V cud see evrythin in white al around.. n u wil b chilled n thrilled seeing this..
This is for ur info.. who want to visit this place.. the…


By the time u realise the value of people around u, it might be the time for them  to leave U.. So, never miss a chance  to say 'I need u in my life'.. that is LOVE.. :)
P.S. Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers! :) Wish u al a vry hpy Valentines Day!!

P.P.S. Picture by Pria.. :)

Happy Shivratri.. !!

hi bloggers..

wish u al a vry hpy Shivratri.. i think i m late in conveying the wishes coz i m in the US n so the time delay.. :) anyways hope u al cud do fasting n stay awake the whole night?? i knw its difficult.. bt whn i was a kid i cud do al these things n dint feel much difficulty.. we wud go to temple early in the morning n hav some milk or something fr brkfast n my mom wud try to keep us for sometime witout food.. if we cud do we used to continue or if nt as usual stomach ful of lunch n dinner.. :) we were staying in a colony tht time.. in order to keep the ppl awake thr, they used to play movies al the night in an open theatre.. this is the awesome experience for me on Shivratri.. we al cud come early frm skool n get ready to watch those movies.. al the kids in our lane wud go first n keep places for family thr at the theatre.. we used to njoi al these things.. aftr al we r kids.. noone bothers bout us.. they play movies from evening 7 to til the nxt day morning 5.. :)) al th…

Frustrated.. :(

i was vry much frustrated about my roomie flat-mate yesterday.. i dnt knw y ppl interfere in my personal things n try to take control of me.. i was in a vry gud mood to njoi my snowy moments n thn suddenly it hpnd tht we had some bad undrstanding n i was completely mood off.. but stil i didnt want to miss the snow.. but the fall dint stop til late night.. i think it was late than 11 in the night.. it was vry windy til tht time.. so i cud nt go meet my frens n play.. :( i felt bad whn they started clearing the roads n the drive ways in the night at 12.. i thot today again thr wud be snow fall.. but unfortunately the weathr report here is also like the one in India.. it did not last till today.. whn i woke up today, al i cud see is the roads cleaned n al the muddy snow pushed off to the sides of the roads.. it is vry ugly nw luk wise.. the ppl who cleaned the roads walked on the snow n made it mor dirty.. i dint want to touch it also.. :( al my plans r reversed.. vry much frustrated nw.…

Waiting for Dusk..

I m ryt nw desperately waiting for the evening to njoi my first snowy moments.. we r having so much snow here today.. its continuously going on since the late night i guess.. i was so hpy whn i saw the weather report for this week.. we have snow for 2days.. wanna play with it alot.. n also wanna taste it.. :) i luv it lotsss... i m wrking frm home saying its snow fall here n its vry difficult to come to office (actually my office is at walkable distance only.. :P).. wrking frm home for me  is like njoying at home.. so i cald my parents excitedly n described thm about the snow fall n hwz it gng to be aftr tht.. thn cald my sis.. thn my frens.. n finally landed up with nt doing any wrk for today.. n nw sitting here n writing al this.. :) okies.. so nw as per report, its goin to stop in the evning for some time.. so planning to go out n play.. :) here r the glimpses of the snow til nw..

view from our kitchen.. u can see the snow flakes here..

view from my room.. i got up @ 6 today to see …

Capturing the colors of S.K.Y.

P.S. not a nice capture tho.. but liked the  colors in real scenery.. :)


first time in life i m feeling.. smile n words costs nothing.. but they r evrything.. ”Keep Smiling and make others smilee.." :))

BEST of Illusions!!

I luv this the MOST of all illusions.. simply gr8!! did u al get wht u see??

My First Onsite :))

I m vry much hpy nw.. u knw y?? my long lasting dream came tru.. yes, its my first onsite trip to "The US of A".. n tht too in winters.. i love snow n i m njoying it.. this is the first exciting news i heard in 2010.. i had to go for this trip last yr but it kept on postponing n finally they have given me the date.. but i was stil nt sure.. but finally reached nw.. feeling hpy relaxed n kool.. it was bit like tension whn i started at hyderabad.. coz tht was my first international flight.. so bit excited bit tensed.. the emirates flight was @ 4 in the morning.. so had to come by 1.. requested the boarding pass guy to give me a window seat.. n so aftr immigration i felt bit relaxed n tension free.. i passed my time making calls.. going around in the airport.. had coffee, water.. n was about to sleep.. thr got our announcement to board the flight.. first i felt like may be i'll be the only person boarding for the first time n felt shy.. but when i boarded i felt like i join…

New Year 2010!!

i know i m late in posting this.. but late than never.. :)
First of all, a vry vry happy new year to all of you.. :) hope u all had a blasting new yr day..  i feel so happy that 2009 is ended.. really it was a vry bad yr for me.. ofcourse it also made some good moments in my life but you knw it happens sometimes like u wont be able to handle few things by urself and u depend on ur fate and time.. n then when it doesnt cooperate i feel pity about myself..i am not going to miss 2009 in any way.. i just want to let it go.. n welcome the new yr 2010 with a big huge smile expecting lots of new n surprising things to happen..:)

i also made few resolutions just like u :)

- to blog more.. to get rid of my lazziness n boringness, i strted blogging.. but stil i am lazy.. wanna blog much this yr.. (P.S: comments on my blog make me so hpy n feel to write more :p)
- eat well.. drink well (ofcourse water.. so vry important for ur body u knw..).. sleep well (shud try to avoid late night movies)
- be…